CFL QB's Endangered Species

Here's a story from the Montreal Gazette thought I would share with Tiger-Cat fans it talks about how QB's in the CFL have been going down lately to injury like Durant, Levi Mitchell, Willy etc. but I disagree with the story about QB's being fit to play the game of the CFL because unlike the other QB's Zach Collaros injury was totally preventable, due to the cheap shot, head hit by Odell Willis of the Edmonton EskiShmos.

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The EskiShmos are coming to Hamilton to play the Cats on Saturday evening, I hope we give Odell Willis the same respect he gave Zach Collaros and the Cats treat the Eskimos QB either Reilly or Nicholes the same way.


Last year, Ray was out with an injury. I guess he must have mature a lot between last year and this in order to become invulnerable.

Yes, there have been a lot of QB injuries. So the question is, what has changed this year? It may again come down to the reduced practice time in the latest CBA. Offences need practice to get their "choreography" - timing, coordination, positions, etc. - perfected, and maybe more so on the offensive line. While defences need practice as well, they are in more of a reaction mode, using instinct to figure out what the offence is doing and where to attack it.