CFL QB Talk 2013

Lets talk te QB situation in the CFL shall we.
Montreal Calivillo
Toronto Ray
Hamilton Burris
BC Lulay
SASK Durant
Will all be the starters for their respective teams but how will the back up situations shake out

Calgary Tate is Huffs guy but Glenn still insists that he can win the job. How is that going to work out in Calgary. Last season Tate had a different mindset coming into the season accepting the role of insurance policy but his tune has changed after playing most of las season with Tate on the Shelf and Calgary in the Cup.

EDM Reilly. They say their will be a competition but you do not trade for a guy who is a free agent if you do not plan to start him. Nichols should be number two most likley going into the season but if Reilly struggles a lot like Lulay did in 2011 will they give him the time to correct himself or will the trigger be shorter to pull if an O for start should happen.

Winnipeg Pierce ? truly they are in trouble as they have replace Elliot and Brink with Clement and Hall but the situation is still the same. The one difference is that both Hall and Clement have had pro playing expereince in the NFL or UFL so if Buck should go down will the same go that "Buck gives us the best chance to win" or will they fianlly say to Clement or Hall who will replace him. You are the starter its your job to lose Buck is done

It will be interesting to see what happens in Calgary. Does Tate get the whole year? Do they use BL Mitchell at all or do they hide his abilities from the new Ottawa franchise? Some fans are speculating that they may opt to protect the much younger Bo Levi Mitchell in the expansion draft come Decemeber.

You'd think that Reilly may have the upper hand initially in Edmonton, but I truly think both he and Nichols will come into camp being seen as equals starting on the same ground (Some Edmonton media even said Nichols should be listed as #1 to start camp just because he's been here longer already on a talk show I listened to this past weekend). Reilly's base salary is reported as 140k, with the potential to reach 250k based on # of starts and other bonuses. If Nichols truly is the better QB in TC, I see no reason why they'd feel compelled to start Reilly when he is only costing 140k as a backup (Consider that Nichols is still on his first contract and probably maxes out under 200k even with bonuses/starts). We've seen this situation play out in Seattle in the NFL this past season with 3rd round pick rookie Russell Wilson making under 1 million and winning the starting job out of TC over free agent signing Matt Flynn who they had just signed a few months prior to training camp for 5 million a season. Flynn sat on the bench all season and didn't start a single game. I'm just hoping they make the decision easy for the coaches and one clearly outplays the other in TC. If they are neck and neck, it makes it more tempting to play musical QBs all season, which I don't really want to see again after last year.

I'm not really sure what is going on in Winnipeg, so maybe some Bomber fans can provide some more insight into their situation? Is Buck a lock for the starting job no matter what happens in TC? If he is outplayed by Goltz who has been around for a few years do they consider handing him the reigns? I'm guessing the two ex-NFL guys they brought in won't see any significant playing time this season and the plan is to groom them for next season and beyond?

The thing about Goltz is that he was a DIII QB and there are reason's why QBs play DIII football. He may have been able to work his way up and be great as a practice player but as of last season he had never started a season including last year higher than a #4 QB in any pro football league. was released by the UFL and has been a $th string QB for a couple of seasons. If Burke goes with Goltz as his guy you may see another pre labor day firing in Winnipeg.
I do not know the history of how he got to his DIII school but I do not believe he played somewhere at a DI school and then transfered down to play. This often happens where the QB may drop to a IAA or even DII school.
Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchel both started off at DI schools but transfered down to play.
They may have no choice but to go with one of the two new imports. one in Max Hall with a very short NFL career with some PT and Chas clement the best QB in the short lived UFL history.
After Buck gets hurt and burke gets fired maybe the Bombers should hire Jim Fassel and start Chase Clement

IMHO ... Tate is the guy in CowTown. Barring injury, Glenn/Mitchell don't see much action, I just can't see Huff pulling Tate. I think other's are correct in that they'll be protecting Tate & Mitchell & leaving Glenn unprotected in the upcoming expansion draft.

Up in Edmonton, I think Reilly gets the start of the season. I'm sure Nichols' rehab has gone well, but that was a gruesome injury & I'd be surprised if he is 100% ready. Reilly starts the first 6 games and if he's struggling, they move to Nichols if he's ready to go.

In Winnipeg ... It's Buck's job to get concussed or dislocated or separated from! I like what little I've seen from Goltz and he sure has the support of some good football people behind him like Dennis Green. Occidental, while a very small school, is a pretty good program. Justin reminds me of Quinton Porter. Good size, athletic ... I know some will chuckle & cringe with the Porter comparison but I always liked Quinton and think there's solid talent awaiting. I think the same of Goltz.

Even though the starter situation isn't in question in places like BC, Toronto, Hamilton & Montreal ... they will all have very interesting competitions at training camp for the back-up role since the 2nd string incumbents are no longer there since last season.

IMO it sounds as if its Buck is the starter based on experience, leadership, and other qualities. Guys will have their shot to unseat him but with only 2 games to prove it, it will be difficult to unseat him. However because of his injury history, if/when he gets hurt all bets are off. The door will be open to any of the other guys to step up and take the job away and keep it for good. What CFLsteve said about the bombers being in trouble if they have to turn to one of the other guys is not necessarily true. Goltz has had limited time in the last couple of years and has not looked out of place, including lobbing up that awesome ball to Denmark in the Argos endzone in Toronto in 2011. Hall showed well in minicamp also, showing an aptitude to picking up some of the nuances of the game and thew a good ball. It'll be interesting to see if they can do it in an actual game situation, but we'll have some answers within the next 6 weeks. However the "truly they are in trouble" bit is an overreach.

IMO Edm starts Reilly regardless of how things work out during camp and preseason. There was just too much fanfare in bringing him in to give the opening day start to Nichols. He's Hervey's guy.

Calgary the job is Tate's to lose. They jettisoned Burris to clear the way for Tate. But like in Wpg, if he gets hurt yet again, all bets are off. And I think if Tate gets hurt again they skip over Glenn and move on to Mitchell. Two years of injuries would be enough for me and maybe for Calgary also to make Mitchell their guy for the future and make Tate available in the Ottawa draft.

The boss wants to sign former Winnipeg Blue Bombers backup Joey Elliott, who worked out for the Lions last weekend in Las Vegas.

“You could see the leadership,? said Buono. “[Elliott] made the effort with no guarantees. He says ‘I’m coming to show you, give me a chance’.?

Read more: ... z2Ty7pJP00

Looks like Joey Elliott may potentially be BC bound for camp.

although I have mentioned that BC will look to get a back up with CFL experience the were many who scoffed with the quote that " Wally likes to train his own guys" but with Leaonard as the only player on the BC roster who only has one year of pro expereince in the CFL or anywhere as their top guy behind Lulay now bringing a guy with back up experience to camp makes sense. Jarrett Brown was signed late aand has some NFL and CFL practice squad expereince and the recent webber international guy NFL Mini camp 2012 and AFL with Tampa Bay but not on a roster.

I am assuming you meant Glenn came in as contingency. Tate was supposed the be the starting pivot until injury. When he came back it was a few games as 3rd string contingency while he got practice reps, 1 week as #2, then starter...then out

I believe it will be the same pecking order this season....Tate, Glenn, Mitchell, and that will get a lot of attention in preseason to weigh in on potential trading of Glenn. There has to be some concerns as to if Tate is a bandage though...I know it is only a couple seasons, but it has to be a concern that he might have a variation of SimiBuckinitious.

Glenn will most likely have to wait for an injury before he gets his shot whether it be Tate or another team whose starter will be out for an extended period of time in a trade.
Interesting in looking at the Stamps Roster that Sinopoli is listed back as a QB and not a WR anymore

An underrated QB "storyline" to say the least is in Riderville, I read somewhere that new OC George Cortez was not happy with Durant's performance in mini camp earlier this month. (read it in the Rider section on this forum somewhere) if that's the case look for Willy to push Durant for the job. It'll be interesting to see how Durant handles competition, he hasn't had to face anyone really since Jyles in 09 since then it was the Dinwiddie show and Willy was a rookie last year.

Interesting but i can Believe it. Willy may have only been in his first CFL season but he knows the CFL with his UBuffalo HC Turner Gill and OC.QB coach Danny Barrett were both former CFL QBs and they made sure he was well aware of the CFL.
He is no rookie to pro football either with 2013 being his 5th pro season.
Im sure when everyone heard Cortez they immediately thought a better Durant but not that Cortez may prefer Willy over Durant. In a year with the Cup in Regina and the Riders built to make a run at it a change in QB would be quite a storyline.
With Simon signing and if Bagg can return healthy and Carr can come into the mix with a full camp with the Riders Willy would have a more consistant and veteran CFL receiveing corp as well as a second season of an allstar Oline being together.
Having these tings in place is what enabled Lulay to find his groove in 2011. do not think it was a coincedence that it turned around when Bruce arrived in BC for Lulay.

That was my post you read in the; Are you ready for some football thread in the Rider forum. Cortez upset with Durant calling two plays from last years play book and pulled him. On that note; It's true Willy will push Durant to take the next step forward in his career and ["this will be key to the Riders success or failure"]. Head Coach Chamblin believes this season would/will be a good time to prove it.

2013 will be Durrants last season as a starter in the CFL… he will be out of the league completely in a couple more… Can you say Nealon Greene.

Cortez pulled Durant from mini camp?

while DD has an abundance of talent, both in mobility and arm, he does seem to take unnecessary risks at the most inopportune times which leads to a few too many turnovers.

haphazardly throwing into crowds down field or in the flats needs to be addressed by Durant, just as Burris needs to address his butterfingers penchant.

Maybe the best thing would be to trade Durant to Hamilton for Burris.

Could you imagine that. First Anderson and then Burris.
I do not think that is happening however as it appears that Austin is fine with Burris at least for this season and he seems to have brought in the QBs that he is interested in in Brohom and Masoli as well as inheriting LeFevour.

similar sentiments here.
It is highly doubtful Austin will contemplate trading Burris unless he falters very badly during the season, while Hank likely wishes to extend on the passing success of last season, and a determination to help guide the team to redemption with a winning season this year.

Brohm is an interesting prospect.
He lit up Louisville during his time there and was highly regarded by analysts and scouts alike, even being considered a better QB than Aaron Rodgers at that time, and subsequently drafted in the 2nd round. (some predicted first round)

unfortunately, he failed miserably with the few snaps he received in the NFL and soon thereafter considered a bust.

with a decent arm (not great) yet with good size, timing and lateral movement ability, he could become a solid CFL QB if given a chance.

Well if anything it puts a tighter leash on Durant this year... He was playing arguably the best football of his career in the first 3 games last year, then the wheels came off... if he could play an entire season like he did those first 3 games of 2012, there's no reason why he shouldn't throw for more than 25 TD''s the picks that worry me.

So I guess you should say "Thank you" to Joe Mack.

Earlier this Spring the Bombers had Brohm, Max Hall and Chase Clement (who Brohm backed up in Los Vegas) on their negotiation list. When they chose to go with Hall and Clement, they dropped Brohm and you guys picked him up in a matter of days.

well if Brohm turns out to be the next Calvillo or Lulay, I will lick his muddy boots, but will reserve "thank you's" until then. :stuck_out_tongue: