PAYING PLAYERS TOO MUCH MONEY, THE PLAYERS AND AGENTS DEMANDING TOO MUCH MONEY ARE GOING TO PUT THE CFL IN TROUIBLE AGAIN AND THE LEAQUE AND TEAM OWNERS HAVE TO STOP PAYING THEM WHAT THEY WANT. GLEN BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A JOB IN THE CFL AND STOP COMPLAINING And that goes for all the cfl qbs. Printers you are over paid and you should be paid alot less then what your getting. saving the cfl and having a heathly leaque is mor imporatnt then paying these players and not just qbs all players too much money, its not the nfl and they dont have the money so cfl players, our game and the cfl is more important then you robbing the owners and the fans. Be grateful and satisfied to have a job and working as a football player in our leaque,THE FANS CFL.

THE FAN[b]S[/b] CFL.
Just how many multiple personalities do you have anyhow???

I mean, surely you dont presume to speak for anyone else, do you?

You cant be that arrogant, are you???

Nobody is paid too much if someone agrees to pay what you ask for.

spidel man i think in relevance to the pay most opthers get in the league QB's do make to much money. but if the teams are willing to pay them the so be it. and i hope you don;t try to speak for everyone here.

Kerry Joseph was under paid last yr.

Jackson was slightly under paid last yr.

Most of the rest were just right.

glenn was also under paid last year, he had the same base as kerry.

I am somewhat on wspidel's side.
I understand what's being said.
Printers is definately overpaid.
I am with you W.

Some qbs, like many other players, are overpaid. I agree that Printers is most likely one of them. However, to simply lumps all the QBs together, and to pick only on the QBs, is totally out of line. So is claiming to speak for all, or even many, other cfl fans.

A QB is the franchise player. He can be the difference between a 2-16 season and a 16-2 season. Of course they are going to get payed more than players of other positions. comparing Casey Printers salary to Ben Roethlisbergers salary, they both have the same affect on their teams caps. Casey Printers makes 500, 000 on a 4.2 million dollar cap, or about 11%. Roethlisberger makes about 14 million on a 116 million dollar cap, or roughly 12% against the cap. There is no difference from the CFL and the NFL in QB's salaries affecting the cap.

Excellent argument. Everything solves itself in a market, and with control of the cap, the league has nothing to fear.

Supply and demand. QB's supply talent, and demand the salary. Remember, a contract is agreed by two parties. A GM can either take it or leave it. I know and agree what your saying is, but it's like gas prices, we're all going to belly ache, but what can be done. You want talent? You have to pay for talent. Interesting topic today considering Kerry is going to Toronto where he will probably be better treated salary wise. So in our case, we lost out because we failed to pay the price.

Player salaries of $4.2M account for only about 25%-30% of most teams revenue. Compare this with NBA at 57% and other major leagues in the same 60% range. I don't think the players are being overpaid or that teams cannot afford to pay their star players a nice salary.

I'm sure these starting QB's would play for $150k (that was the maximum CFL salary up until a couple of yrs ago) rather than $400k...but I don't think these salaries are bancrupting any teams. Most CFL teams turn a profit these days, especially all the Western Canadian clubs. The east has always been kind of the weak sister, with all the teams going bancrupt over the past few years and relying on bailouts from western teams. But the league now has great owners in the east, so all teams have the cash to compete for the best players.

All CFL players are under paid.
Having said that, we need to get back to the franchise player rule which will not count against the cap.

Printers might be worth it if he's instrumental in turning the tabbies around this year. If it's the same ol' Cats, they he'll be traded, probably to Toronto.

Wrong. That franchise player out was what nearly killed the league years ago...

If the cap is enforced (and it seems like it is), how you allocate your money is your own business.