CFL - QB league or receivers league from an Amer. viewpoint

Football News - CFL Is A Receivers League

"I was watching the Winnipeg vs. Hamilton game on Friday night and after watching the Milt Stegall show, it hit me like a sack of potatoes; "The CFL is not a QB league, it's a Receivers league!"

Let's look at the CFL field in comparison to the NFL field. The CFL field is 110 yards long, compared to 100 in the NFL. It's 65 yards wide, compared to 50 in the NFL. The End zones are after the goal line with 20 yards depth, while the NFL has the end zone post at the end of the 10-yard end zones. You hear it all the time, "YAC YARDS", for those still new to football, that's "yards after catch". Therefore, with 15 more yards to "shake and bake" from sideline to sideline after a receiver makes a catch, makes a huge difference for a speedy receiver.

Let's take a look at the Top 4 teams in the CFL and let's observe why they are the top dogs in this 8-team league. Montreal is 6-0, Winnipeg 5-2, B.C.Lions 4-3 and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders are sitting at .500 at 3-3.

Montreal: The Alouettes have one of the best trios of receivers in Ben Cahoon (BYU), Kerry Watkins (Georgia Tech) and Thyron Anderson (Grambling State). Cahoon and Calvillo can be noted as one of the best QB-Receiver combination in league history. Watkins was a standout at Georgia Tech and has 30 receptions for 326 yards. At 6 foot 4 inches, Anderson is a nice target for Calvillo over the center of the field.

Winnipeg: How else can you explain the success of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers? Kevin Glenn (Illinois State) is only completing 58% of his passes and Milt Stegall is currently the league MVP at 36 years old and in his 12 CFL season. Stegall (Miami Ohio) has 50 receptions in 7 games this year for 856 yards and 4 TD's, including that back buster vs. Edmonton 2 weeks ago. Speedster Chris Brazzell (Angelo State) is a nice compliment to the Blue Bombers receiving squad and has taken a bit of pressure off Stegall with his deep speed. Andrea Thurman doesn't get many headlines, but this receiver from Southern Oregon has 20 receptions for 240 yards and averages 12.0 yards per catch. Plus, what's nice about the Blue Bombers, they can throw teams off with their play action passing, as Charles Roberts is making defensive coordinators aware of the Blue Bombers running game.

B.C.Lions: The nice thing about the Lions receivers, they all seem to be over 6.0 and that's makes life easier for the 5.11 QB Dave Dickenson (Montana). Geroy Simon (Maryland) who leads the CFL receivers with 6 TD's catches is giving Milt Stegall a run for the early MVP award, as he's accumulated 46 receptions for 685 yards. Then, if Simon is covered, defenders have to worry about 6 foot 3 receiver Paris Jackson (Utah), who is showing he's a clutch receiver with his 29 catches and 3 touchdowns. Ryan Thelwell (Minnesota) and injured slot back Jason Clermont (Regina) are nice big targets for Dickenson as well. The nice thing about the Lions, they have huge and tall receivers and that makes it easier for jump balls in the end zones.

Saskatchewan: The Roughriders are another team with tons of talent at their receiver position and the addition of Jason Armstead (Mississippi) has given the Roughriders more speed. Matt Dominguez (Sam Houston State) seems taller than 6 foot 3 inches, but seems to be a great jump ball receiver on deep throws and if he can combat injuries, Saskatchewan should be able to turn this around. Jason French (Murray State) only has 13 receptions this year, but he's another receiver Kerry Joseph can count on with the deep ball. Plus, Canadian born receiver Corey Grant from Wilfred Laurier seems to be Josephs security valve and I'm surprised they don't utilize him more in their offense.

Unfortunately, I haven't even mention some of the other teams top Receivers who are standouts in this league as well; as the Edmonton Eskimos have great receivers in Jason Tucker (TCU), Ed Hervey (USC) and one of my all time favorites, Darryl "Mookie" Mitchell (Texas Tech), but their defense is why they are sitting at 2-4 in the standings. Calgary has a great one-two punch in Nikolas Lewis (Southern Arkansas) and Jeremaine Copeland (Tennessee), but at 3-4, seems the inconsistency at the QB position is holding the Stampeders back.

In the Eastern Division, Toronto and Hamilton's receivers are none existent and when QB Jason Maas is your leading rusher, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know what the problems are in Hamilton. Plus, offensive coordinator Joe Paopao and punter Pat Flemings days are numbered in Steel Town. As for the Argos, Damon Allen looked very rusty on his return back from his finger injury, but he needs help, because after Arland Bruce III (Minnesota), which other player can he go too?

As you can see from the Receiver names above, the 2006 CFL season is turning into a receiver show and what seems to be a QB driven league, only Calvillo and Dickenson have really stole the show on some game nights. Granted, Kerry Joseph and Kevin Glenn have done admirable jobs in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, but it's been the receivers and 2 running backs that have made an impact in the first seven weeks.

Enjoy week 8!"

Can you imagine guys like Terrel Owens on our field, he would absolutely love it with all the extra room and do his "yards after the catch". Just not enough room on the smallish American field.

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It's a league for anyone with speed. I wouldn't say receiver is the most important position.

Yes, speed is a better word for sure but if you get the ball in a speedy receivers hands, someone on the run and not with their back to the play like defenders are, with a guy like Stegall, well, you're looking at some good yardage.

divinely, speed

I would say the CFL is QB friendly, seen more QB sneaks in the CFL than NFL.

…I disagree that inconsistency at the QB position is holding back my team, it’s been dropped passes by the receivers that have caused grief here…and Edmonton’s problem is not having an inventive offensive game plan that stretches the game down the feild more to make good use of guys like Tucker and Mitchell…the authour should do his homework on these two teams more…