CFL QB Internship welcomes nine pivots into camps

TORONTO — Nine quarterbacks from across the country are set to hone their skills alongside their professional counterparts as part of the 2023 CFL QB Internship. CFL rookie camps open May 10 with training camps set to kick off May 14.

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Cool that a QB from the CJFL is participating with the Lions this year.

There are some intriguing names on that list. I look forward in particular to seeing how Maracle plays in Ottawa this year. I’m sure experiencing a camp with the Redblacks will only help.

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Cool - good for those guys - hopefully a really good experience.

BUT - sadly, come their draft time, they will likely be snubbed or written-off by CFL deep thinkers; can always go play pro ball in Europe I suppose.

I think the internship program was a solid initiative, but it’s time to up the ante and mandate teams dress a national QB. They could phase it in over 3 years or so. Mandate that the top 3 teams in 2023 dress National QBs in 2024. Then mandate that the top 3 teams (who don’t already have National QBs) dress one in 2025. Then mandate that all teams dress National QBs in 2026.

I have heard nothing but good stuff from the participants in Edmonton in the past. This is an awesome program and experience for these guys whether they move on or not.
Sort of the same as Matt Berlin the Golden Bears goaltender who was an emergency backup for the Oilers and got in the game. (and will always be able to brag he has a 1.00 save percentage in the NHL)

It may mot be the guy participating that gets the most motivated by the experience…

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More on the Westshore Rebels QB joining the Lions camp. Maybe those bloodlines will help him make the jump to the pros in a year or two.

Jessie had a Super Bowl and Grey Cup champion father, Tim Jessie, to learn from while ­growing up. The former NFL Washington and CFL ­Winnipeg Blue Bombers running-back Tim Jessie also played in the ­backfield of the Auburn ­University Tigers with Bo ­Jackson.

“Because of my dad, I have some expectation of what pro camps involve, so I’m not going into this blind,” said Te Jessie.

Did he get any advice from his father?

“He’s happy for me and told me to stay on my toes,” said the younger Jessie.

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Not going to happen; same old CFL in that department.

Yeah, I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

Maybe the internship period could be extended till end of July or something.

Pelletier seems to be getting much from the experience: