CFL Pulls Pin on Pizza Pizza Grey Cup promotion

The promotion saw Pizza Pizza offering a large 2 topper pizza with 4 cans of sugar pop, some wings, some sauce, etc. plus a pair of Grey Cup tickets for $29.99

Actually, Sourman McCown revealed the promo on his segment trying to foist hits on the CFL this afternoon. Tons of fun for McCown who has absolutely no skin in the game!

If I were Pizza Pizza I would have forced the issue and not folded my deck of cards. Each of the 16 Toronto area PP stores were had 15 pairs to give away - so the entire matter revolved around 240 pairs of tickets - under 500 total. No word on how many folks picked up pies and tickets but I'd be royally peeved off if I was in Toronto and was able to afford myself a pizza for the family and a pair of tickets I might not otherwise be able to afford. :cowboy:

Thus, I'll never walk into a Pizza Pizza again in Winnipeg or wherever. Just because they didn't stand up to the CFL. Wonder what kind of "approval" Pizza company needed? Here's the article . . .

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It was Hamilton — didn’t hear of any being given away in Toronto?

Toronto? Hamilton?

Doesn't really matter, does it?

Why did the CFL pull the pin on them?

Its not like they're papering their own houses???

Just details....

Sometimes details matter.

Don't think CFL wanted folks knowing Grey Cup tickets were worth 10 bucks each (assuming that the pizza etc was worth 10 bucks on its own).

The league pulled the plug because the promotion made it obvious to even someone who isn't paying attention that they are papering the house. Of course, pulling the plug just invoked the Striesand Effect and made even MORE people notice it, because that became news in itself.

They should have just let it run its course and not talked about it. The damage was done as soon as the promotion started, and there was no undoing it. They just made it worse by trying to stop it.

A large 3 topping, 10 wings, 4 pop, and 2 dipping sauce? Pushing it to claim the tickets were worth $5 each at regular food price for that order.

We never get deals like that out here in NB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even for junior hockey???

Actually, curling is the worst offender for not letting the poor into arenas or clubs where "Pay to Watch" tournaments go on. If you don't have your $5, $10 or in some cases $30 you'll be asked to leave the premises. . . . . . or they'll call a thug named Warren Hanson to escort you out! :cowboy:

Totally agree. The CFL basically blew the whistle on itself!
They're have a tough time selling 30,000+ tickets in Toronto? Big surprise? Outdoor game, no real compelling competition, local team died on the operating table, etc.
Even football rabid Winnipeg had a tough time selling all 32,000 tickets they were allotted last year - last minute push and some hidden papering got the required results - although many fans still left their seats and watched the game from the Rum Hut.

I would deem Toronto successful if they had sold 25,000 tickets at full price. Will be great to see BMO field housing nearly 30,000 folks (papered or not) and all the extra media, events, entertainment, etc. that goes on.

The tickets were not given to Pizza Pizza by the CFL.

It was the Tiger-Cats. Nothing wrong with this. It was a great idea. No difference that yesterday the radio station in Montreal giving tickets and air/hotel to 2 winners.

Great to make people happy. Its the holiday season!