CFL PS2 recap, CFL Week 1 Preview and Diamond Ferri on RR  

This week on show 6 of 2012, Jenn Annis talks with Matt Scianitti from The National Post helps us recap the final week in preseason CFL action and then previews Week 1 in the Regular season and each of the teams at cut down time.
Kevin Garbuio talked with safety Diamond Ferri, who was recently cut from the Alouettes. They talked about how he still wants to play football, how he helped developed a revolutionary new football glove and some other interesting stories.

You know

You guys might gain a bit more respect
If you didn't make major mistakes
Like describing diamond Ferri as a "safety"
On your main page

Not sure if he's EVER played the position
But he was a linebacker and kick-returner in his time with the Alouettes


Thanks! He dis play those but considers himself a safety.

I enjoyed the show. Was entertaining and the audio levels were the same throughout the show and I like the new host. Great energy and took the time to research his guest. Jen also let her guest develop his ideas. :thup:

Thanks. From the fans doin the show for the fans listening, we just want to provide an easy way to get all your info in one media instead of surfing the web.