CFL Protected Lists - 10 Player reveal

Anyone know anything about these prospects?

Tyson Bagent QB Shepherd
Ron’Dell Carter DL James Madison
Sam Hartman QB Wake Forest
Carlton Martial LB Troy
Adrian Martinez QB Kansas State
Drew Pitt QB Ball State
Austin Reed QB Western Kentucky
Ronnie Rivers RB Fresno State
Stanford Samuels III DB Florida State
Blake Shapen QB Baylor

ends up being an important part of CFL teams future.
Joseph and Newman were on our previous list released.

The following players were previously unveiled from their respective clubs’ negotiation lists:

  • OL Dejon Allen (TOR)
  • DL Woody Baron (MTL)
  • DL Malik Carney (HAM)
  • DB Treston Decoud (TOR)
  • WR Steven Dunbar (HAM)
  • DB Randall Evans (OTT)
  • OL Donald Hawkins (MTL)
  • DL Julian Howsare (HAM)
  • DL Anthony Lanier (SSK)
  • OL Andrew Lauderdale (SSK)
  • QB Jake Maier (CGY)
  • DB Najee Murray (MTL)
  • DB Deatrick Nichols (WPG)
  • DL Jarell Owens (CGY)
  • DB Jumal Rolle (HAM)
  • DB Marcus Sayles (WPG)
  • WR Papi White (HAM)
  • WR Tim White (HAM)
  • WR Lucky Whitehead (WPG)
  • DL Jonathan Woodard (SSK)
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I like the catchy name of the running back, who Coach Steinauer would know from being on the coaching staff, in Fresno, during the player's freshman season.
And, I like, even more, the numbers he put up in college:

An exciting future CFL scatback?
Undrafted, Rivers has played in a couple of games, this year, with the defending SuperBowl champs.


Sam Hartman, the QB from Wake Forest is on Hamilton's neg list.

They are playing against Missouri in something called the Gasperilla Bowl tonight . . .

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) Sam Hartman completed 23 of 36 passes for 280 yards and three touchdowns in what was expected to be his final game with Wake Forest, a 27-17 win over Missouri in the Gasparilla Bowl on Friday night.

The redshirt junior, named the MVP of the game, now will look at entering the NFL draft or the transfer portal.

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You know I have a good feeling about the upcoming season despite the constant drum beat of negativity .
Apparently Sam Hartman is rumoured to be going to Notre Dame using the transfer portal .


WOWzer stats...awesome

  • Very confident passer and shows good accuracy and feel when in rhythm. Showed better ball placement from past years and throws very catchable passes. Puts too much air in some of his throws and needs to show a lower trajectory on deep throws.
  • Generally accurate on intermediate and short throws; flashes anticipation and placement on intermediate outs and the ability to lead receivers on deeper throws.
  • He’s a pure athlete, loose-limbed and flexible. Daniels has the speed to pick up yardage in scramble situations.
  • Good accuracy overall, including excellent accuracy on short timing routes to backs and receivers, placing the ball slightly in front to lead receivers to potential yardage after the catch.
  • Ball placement is a strength. Daniels has the natural instincts to make plays when forced to improvise.
  • From a physical standpoint, a prototypical modern quarterback.
  • Lack of height, measurables and overall size are huge red flags - looks diminutive in the huddle. Lacks the arm strength to drive the ball downfield to keep defenses honest.
  • Needs to improve his touch at all levels and know when to gun it and when to take something off his throws. Accuracy is solid, but far from great with streaky ball placement downfield as Daniels tries to thread the needle too much.
  • His arm strength is decent but less than ideal; he lacks a little zip, and accuracy becomes an issue when he’s unable or unwilling to set his feet.

Kedon Slovis QB Pitt is entering the transfer portal and is going to BYU .. He is on the TiCat neg list


Name Position College
BAYLESS, Omar WR Arkansas State
CRAWFORD, Kekoa WR California
DANIELS, Jalon QB Kansas
FULLER, Aaron WR Washington
JOHNSON, Josh RB Louisiana at Monroe
JONES, Xavier RB Southern Methodist
KAMARA, Azur DL Kansas
REED, Austin QB Western Kentucky
SLOVIS, Kedon QB Pittsburgh
STROMAN, Greg DB Virginia Tech

What if Bo Levi Mitchell decides to sign elsewhere in the next few weeks . . .
AND @GiasoneItaliano's insider information is credible (see below . . . from the Bo Levi Mitchell thread):
"The real answer, and I am privy to a bit of inside information, is that halfway through the ESF Coach O and Tommy C, decided Dane Evans was never going to lead this team again. BLM was the best option available."

I am just wondering if any participants in this forum have enough familiarity with the Ti-Cats' Neg List, to identify potential QB prospects who have already exhausted their NFL options.

For example, Sam Hartman (formerly at WakeForest, which is where Jamie Newman played) has transferred to Notre Dame for his Senior season, and is expected to compete for the Heisman Trophy in 2023.
And I recall that Taulia Tagovailoa (Tua's younger brother) was on the Ti-Cats' protected list once upon a time (not sure if this is still the case). He has decided to return to Maryland for another season.

Guaranteed that neither one of these QB's will even consider signing a CFL contract until 2 years after the 2024 NFL draft (ie. 2026 earliest) !!

The question is this:
Are there any young QB's on the Ti-Cats' Neg List who may be ready to play in Canada in 2023?? And more importantly, are they good enough to be the next great QB in the CFL ??

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It’s too bad we can’t hire John Hufnagel as a consultant. He seems to have a knack with this kind of stuff.

Easton Stick was on the Cat list . He's with the Chargers and may be at a croosroad in his career .
[Healthy scratch once again Stick (coach's decision) is inactive for Sunday's game against the Browns.
Impact Stick has yet to be active for a game this season while operating as the No. 3 quarterback behind Justin Herbert and Chase Daniel. The 2019 fifth-round pick has only appeared in one NFL contest in his career, competing his only pass for four yards across two offensive snaps while playing for the Chargers during the 2020 campaign.

Is Impact Stick the same as Easton Stick?

And Easton is behind Bauer, Sherwood, CCM and Warrior for hockey sticks.

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Gretzky used a Titan stick. :smile:


That seemed to work . :laughing:

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So if Easton doesn’t stick down there will he be able to stick here?

Seriously, I hold out some hope for Jamie Newman to eventually start somewhere in this league. Seems to have all the raw physical talent, but needs playing time and to go through the learning curve of any young qb.

Talking about former neg list guys, Ticats had Gardner Minshew (sp?) at one time. I think he’s still somewhere in the NFL as a number 2 or 3 guy. You never know, could make his way up here at some point.

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Gardner was thrust into the starting job when jalen hurts was injured.
Jamie Newman is a stud prospect that has an impressive resume.
Exactly what you want in a #3 QB but as an earlier poster had mentioned a perfect NFL style QB. Hopefully a perfect CFL guy too.


He's # 2 QB in Philly with the Eagles .

I’d like to see the Ticats do up some video
on their neg list guys for Ticats TV just like a few years back. Every CFL team should do something in fact. Helped connect you to some of the names that got brought into training camps and created a bit more interest. Once camp breaks they should also do up some video on the rookies that have made the team, and maybe get some interest from their former university alumni.

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But, that costs money. Money that could be better spent photoshopping BLM throwing in-game passes to Ticats receivers instead of Evans...