CFL ... Protect our 3 Down game and Canadian rules

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I am with you :100: percent.

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Agreed - bang-on.


There are two entities at work here, both with the same name - the CFL. One is Corporate CFL, the other is the traditional game that we here and others love. I personally care deeply and only for the traditional game, our Canadian game of 3-down, large field, single point rouge football, and passionately want it to survive. But I have no interest in the survival of Corporate CFL if it means the death of our beloved Canadian game.

CFL execs lost their way a few years ago and sold out to US interests in trying to grow Corporate CFL. HUGE mistake, but we survived it as if waking up from a bad dream. Lately I see another attempt to sell the CFL's soul, this time to survive, not to grow. Another HUGE mistake. No good that I can see can come from any kind of relationship between the CFL and the XFL.

Save our Canadian game, but if it dies, let it go down standing like a man on its own feet, not groveling to foreign interests who have no conception of what the CFL means to Canada.


Agreed - good post.

And the CFL isn’t the be all and end all of Canadian football; they can sell-out to be American like - get lost, good riddance, - and there will still be real Canadian football played up here - and maybe that can grow in popularity with the void, plus a new Canadian league might be started-up.


Yes, perhaps a new Canadian league that is more Canadian that what the current CFL is. I mean it's difficult for a Canadian gov't to provide funding of any sort to the CFL with COVID when around half the players are American. That just doesn't work.


More than half now; and count up and do the numbers on coaching staffs in the CFL = large majority of Americans too.

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All CFL Records are pretty much are held by American players.So why are yall so obsessed with keeping it Canadian?The US dominates the CFL even with Affirmative Action for Canadian players.

And the best young Canadian football players right now are playing in the NCAA and a few have made it into the NFL.
The Canadian content rule just encourages teams to load up with O-linemen, sign as many Canadians to the O-line, the safety position and one receiver. Then the rest of the starting positions can be filled with the skilled players.
The rule is 7 Canadian starters but then they have to fill the rest of the roster with another 14 Canadians. The other 14 are backup that never get to play or special teams players that see limited playing time.
Coaches have to juggle these numbers and it’s frustrating when there are more skilled players out there but they are required to fill these positions.
With fewer kids playing football and the best Canadians being scouted to the NCAA it’s getting more difficult to fill rosters.
There is no evidence that Canadian sports fans even care about having Canadians on rosters.

And the current CFL rushing champ and GC MVP - Andrew Harris - is a Canadian, out of Junior ball at that; and he is far superior to any American / NCAA running back who has played in the CFL in the past decade.

Just sayin’, yall.


Just FYI - there are 27 teams competing in U Sports Canadian college ball. including more recent programs that weren’t around in historic/great CFL days - like powerhouse Laval Rouge & Or & Montreal Carabins teams who have won National Championships, and the Regina Rams (who have produced several NFL players - Akiem Hicks, Jon Ryan, Stefan Charles, Brett Jones). There are also 18 teams playing in the national CJFL league (which produced the current CFL rushing champ & GC MVP); and in the Province of Quebec where football is very popular, there is another 5 team Junior ball league plus around 30 CGEP football programs.

These are all post HS or minor football programs that exist in Canada - where our game was invented over 100 years ago and has been played for competitively ever since. So the notion that football is not around much or there are “fewer kids playing” is false / badly mis-informed. And a number of top young Canadian players do get recruited for excellent US football training, but that has been going on for decades as well.

Canadians play football, have been for over a century and the country produces lots of outstanding football talent (that has beat US teams at their game on several occasions in Global Junior type tournaments) Time for some Canadians to get the picture or have the record set straight for them. Sadly.

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The sad thing is that there are fewer and fewer parent enrolling their kids in minor football due to fear of concussions. That will have an effect down the road on the number of people playing football in the leagues that you mentioned. That means less Canadians available to play in the CFL (if it's still around).
Instead of chasing after possible US TV money, the CFL should maybe look at changing the game (not to make it more American) to make it a little more safer in the eyes of parents. That might mean rolling back a lot of the changes to the game that made it more like American football and less Rugby-eque. Just a thought.

Canadian high schools should play flag football instead of full contact football. This process filters out the kids with decent skills. The kids still learn the basics of passing, catching, route running, etc. If they are good enough, they can go to university and get acclimated to full contact football.

The CFL should institute a special exceptional status for Canadian high schoolers like what Junior Hockey did with Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard. Pay them right out of High school the equal of a US scholarship, they play on special teams and situational plays It would’ve kept kids like Chase Claypool and Chuba Hubbard in Canada instead of them being poached by the NCAA

Tackling and blocking are fundamental skills that should be honed at the high school / junior level. Notwithstanding the handful of athletes who start in college, the university game would suffer if its athletes arrived en masse having never played contact football.

Passing, catching and route running are primary skills for 7 of the 24 scrimmage positions in full contact Canadian football.

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Yeah, but you need to keep the kids with offensive skill in Canada. O-Linemen won’t be an exceptional. The best is Larent Tardiff-Devanrey(sic) and he came through Laval. The kids stay on the team, if they aren’t get acclimated, loan them out to a local CJFL team.

The exodus of Canadian kids leaving Canada to play in the States has to be mitigated. At least being in Canada they are getting paid without going through the sham of being an “amateur” like they go through in the NCAA.

If the Exceptionals aspire to go to the NFL, they can enter the NFL Draft after the age of 21 after their contract expires. If they don’t get drafted or a tryout, they can come back to the CFL as a free agent

You would get those kids badly injured. There are exceptionally few kids straight out of highschool that are nearly big enough or strong enough to compete with men several years older who have been training professionally for years especially if they have not been playing full contact until starting to play with the men.

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Kids already compete at 19 years in the NHL. See Alex LaFreniere’ from the New York Rangers.

Give the High School kids sheltered playing time like Special Teams, decoy routes, extended practices. Do this before some kid wants to challenge the draft process and to stop Canadian football talent leaving Canada.

Can’t tell me that Claypool and Hubbard can’t play in the CFL at age twenty. Claypool and Hubbard will never play in the CFL once they get further along in their NFL journey. With this proposal, those Canadian kids will get a chance to play in their home country before they sign with an NFL team.

are there any successful Canadians in the NFL that did not go to USA high school or college?

Have there ever been?

Those kids will develop far better and far faster playing real football at either the Junior or University level. Yes there will be a few that can go toe to toe with the men but they will be few and far between.

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Hence the “Exceptional” status. An exceptional HS kid would get professional training at the CFL level, then at some Div. II college by somebody that barely got a sniff playing pro ball. The young player has no school to worry about, grades, eligibility, just train, draw a pay cheque and contribute to the team’s success.

The kids plays in US colleges gets nothing but a false promise of an educational degree that may not help him after Football, while college coaches, and school presidents earn millions of dollars on the back of kids.

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Duvernay-Tardif (out of McGill not Laval BTW) who won a SB as a starting OG for the Chiefs; Jon Ryan; Brett Jones; Henoc Muamba; Cory Greenwood; Stefan Charles; Tevaughn Campbell (had a pick 6 in the NFL for the Chargers this past season); Anthony Auclair; Carter O’Donnell (made the Colts PR this past season) …and that’s just some recent examples; plenty more before that - Tim Tindale; Mike Schad; Hank Illesic; Jerry Kauric; Mark Montreuil ; Dean Dorsey; Jim Young; and Brian Fryer, John Preistner and Dan Fereday (OMG - a Canadian QB) were drafted in the NFL out of Canadian college ball way back - to name some; and that’s just those who did not attend US college ball