CFL ... Protect our 3 Down game and Canadian rules

I am alarmed by the talks with the XFL.
The XFL is another US league that will fail ... as did the World Football League, United States Football League, NFL Europe, Alliance of American Football & the XFL 2001.
I know times are tough. Covid is the biggest threat the Canadian Football League has ever faced. We may not even be able to play again in 2021.
I am the biggest CFL fan and I love the CFL more than words can express.
I ask Randy to protect the CFL and our 3 down football with all his might.
The XFL has no interest in the Canadian game. US fans don't either. Look back to US expansion in 1993 - 95. Only Baltimore was successful. It was best it failed, or our Canadian rules would have been soon changed.
God bless the CFL. May it survive and prosper beyond Covid-19.
Can't wait till the first kickoff ... whenever that may be. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! Half to agree with you in that these talks are concerning if and only if a merger is on the table. I am all for marketing and promotion of both leagues but do not want to see our game changed at all.


This merger appears to be an attempt to save the CFL.
There may be some sacrifices if you still want to see football in Canada.
Ideally, yes leave the league and the rules alone but they may have to drop change some of the rules in exchange for a financial bail out. It's not the end of the world if they decide to go with 4 down football. I bet most young sports fans in Canada have no idea that we even play 3 downs anyway. Would existing fans walkaway because they don't want to see 4 downs or the single point disappearing?

If this helps the CFL get back on it's feet then let them try it. If it doesn't work out then go back to 3 downs or whatever rules they changed'
But I can't see how the XFL which is a winter league can combine with our summer/fall league. The investors that hold the purse strings and the TV networks certainly don't want a fall league

Then what's the point of having Canadian Football if you end up changing the rules to make it just another league of American based rules.

If fans want to follow American Football they would watch the NFL.

I would cancel my season tickets if any or all of the rules are altered.

Good luck with the CFL surviving after this.


It is not just the addition of one more down, it is the change in the game that can result from adding that extra down. Things like spiking the ball, or “wasting a down”; more emphasis on running as opposed to passing; long stretches of possession and the resulting slower pace; more “specialized” roles for backs and receivers. Three downs create a different philosophy, a different game, to the four down version. A faster game, more emphasis on gaining yards each down, more passing, more “vertical” or explosive plays. And as the song says, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”.


why do you use the word merger?

I was just going to say the same thing....The only place I see the word merger is here and in the media

The CFL has a partnership with Mexico and Europe...How did that effect us? It didn't


The fact that Randy was impossibly vague when this broke, and Bob Young seemed compelled to put out an immediate statement that afternoon, seems to indicate these two sides are looking at doing a lot more than a simple partnership.

This may come across as fear mongering and wild speculation. But an investment firm with the access to capital that RedBird has would have to be interested in more than just keeping a struggling league in a foreign country going. We will find out soon enough I’m sure.

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I think the point is to have current CFL teams play some kind of football in 2022 and not fold.


We would not be in this position if the CFL weren't run by a bunch incompetent fools.

It will be a merger because that’s the only way CFL teams will have access to Redbird Capital’s money.

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Would you accept a lesser known version of the CFL just for the sake of watching football.

I admire your willingness to do so.

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Who would that be?

And what would you have done differently if you were running the show?

Push for revenue sharing, getting the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup pairing up and running, invest in grassroots in Canada, address concussions, address the apathy in the 3 cities etc.

None of these things have ever been addressed at all and we are going to partner up with an unproven league.

If you and others have anything to add, by all means, please do.


I would say a history of bad owners over the years (Skelbania, McNall, Shrewez, Glibermans, C+S).

I would not put Braley in the above group only because he paid his bills on time without complaint but he was just as influencial as he owned 2 franchises at the time. Optics weren't good for the league.

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who officially said anything about the CFL having access to anyone elses money in this?

media and forum posters dont count

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The main problem is fan apathy in Canada, I feel our game is amazing, but at the end of the day it's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ were hemorrhaging in the C.F.L. it can't continue as we see it. The Times I am sorry to say are changing faster than us older fans can keep up with. This I do believe is our only hope of keeping the C.F.L. alive. We have to change with the times I am afraid.


If it involves altering the rules to mimic the American game then might as well fold the league.

Not worth it if it happens.

Can have 2 versions of rugby but some fans are willing to sacrifice the Canadian game.

If anything, it's placating to the haters of the CFL.

All that's been accomplished is proving them right.

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Losing the Canadian rules and traditions and, I'll find better things to spend my hard earned money on. I grew up with this game and I would rather see it fade away than become just another American-washed mess.