cfl primetime???

i know i may take a little crap for this but why dont we have our own version of nfl primetime. you know like a cfl primetime that we can count on every thurs night? i think that is one of the nfl's biggest strengths is how they really attach you to the players. nascar has adopted a similar format and it is wildly successful.

My guess would be the reason the CFL doesn't have something like that would be due to sponsorship dollars. Both the NFL and Nascar can do these shows based on the ability to draw large amounts of viewers and sell sponsorship for the program to pay for it.

I doubt in the CFL that they could recoup the cost of the programmimg in any kind of advertising or sponsorship. My guess would be that is why you don't see anything like that in the CFL.

I personally would love to see a show like that, I doubt enough people would to pay for its production.

sad but probably true.

I would love to see a show like this for sure !!! There are some really great personalities in the CFL and this would be a great way to show them to the public and they could become celebritys nation wide !!!

The Score does CFL Snap!

But it lacks personality to the EXTREME - IMHO.

The bassman


I try not to miss CFL Snap ... what it lacks in PRODUCTION it more than compensates for with CONTENT. Again, another local CFL player doing well. Give Duane Ford some more time behnd the camera and I think we will all watch the show gain in POLISH.


id like to see friday nite football moved to CTV next season....

same time every week.

CTV is the owner of TSN and holds the rights to the CFL, so just move the one show to CTV. more people get CTV than TSN, so thte ratings would probably be higher than it would be on TSN.