CFL: Previewing the 2011 CFL Season: Montreal Alouettes

The 2011 Canadian Football League Draft has come and gone and the teams have made their final selections.

Teams will now make the final preparations before training camp opens in 26 days.

A quick recap of the 2011 Draft have the Alouettes selecting kicker Brody McKnight, eighth overall in the first round. The team would then select offensive lineman Anthony Barrette in Round 2.

Rounds 3 and 4 would see offensive lineman Phillip Blake, followed by both Renaldo Sageese and Reed Alexander.

Finally, defensive lineman, Vaughn Martin would go in round five and Blaine Ruttan, a linebacker, in Round 6.

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Thoughts? :rockin:

No offense, but that was a basically a non-article. It didn't provide a single piece of information that any Als fan doesn't already have, and is full of overblown and/or misleading statements. The Als were not 'nearly flawless' in 2010. They finished 12-6 and had peaks and valleys to their season like everyone else (unless losing 40-3 to the Cats is evidence of being flawless, LOL). Additionally, what the hell does Carson Walch, a QC guy who works on special teams, have to do with the receivers, or our offense in general? Finally, depth at safety is not an issue at all.

Je n'ai pas lu l'article, mais cette réflexion de D & P est très juste.

Particulièrement au sujet du maraudeur, où les Alouettes sont très bien pourvus avec Boulay et Crawford. Au besoin, Brouillette pourrait y jouer un rôle car son ancienne vie de quart-arrière lui donnerait une très bonne compréhension du jeu pour cette position.

Well here's a surprise (not !) I agree with both d&P and LeStaf.

Safety shouldn't be a concern, we have very good depth there now even with the retirement of Proulx.

What bears watching in TC and the exhibition games is the kicking and return game, and the running game.

excellent draft!! VAUGHN MARTIN could turn out to be the best draft pick ever by the alouettes!! what a monster from the western mustangs thru the NFL SD CHARGERS!!

previewing the alouettes added nothing new to our 3 peating!!!

Il ne faut pas vendre la peau de l'ours avant de l'avoir tué.

Il y a d'autres bonnes équipes dans cette ligue et rien n'est acquis. Si les Timinous ont pu battre les Alouettes 40-3 l'an dernier, c'en est la preuve la plus brutale.

with an 18 game regular season it's survival of the fittest!!

So if it was a 16 game schedule, it would be survival of the hippest?

the 1st game of the season for the als will be at home against wallyworld!! I believe this is the 1st time ever that the leos open the season in montreal!!

If my memory is good, first game of 2002, BC Lions at Molson stadium. Als won 27-20. A RB named Phillips scored 3 touchdowns. So, no, 2011 is not the first time the season opens with the Lions in Montreal.

gabe if you are correct then thanx!!