CFL preview

There was alot of dissapointment it seemed on the forums with the TSN preview show. wasnt in depth enough. this weekend on the fan960 in calgary there has been a three hour really good preview show. they are replaying two more times i beleive on sunday. if you are not in the area, go to Should be able to listen live. the times are listed on the website. Hopefully by monday morning, everything should be posted on the on demand section as well. interviews with beat writers, coaches, and play by play guys. I am usually not a rogers fan at all, but this was, in my opinion, some good journalism.

Excellent. Rogers wants to try to play all angles but they own the Jays and are trying to bring the Bills to Toronto.

Show me the real goods, try and outbid TSN for exclusive television rights for ALL CFL games. No problems owning the Jays and Bills, but they have not shown interest in buying the Argos. Fakers. :thdn:

Well they're Preview show last year was CRAP and all there "experts" picked Edmonton to win the Grey Cup, they had one player from each team do an interview so there was a total of 8 interviews, and there were only 3 guys compared to the 5-7 that TSN interviews. Rogers is just trying to flash what they don't have...

If any other Network should be doing a Preview show it should be CBC, any other network is just simply trying to show that they actually care about Canadian sports....

if im not mistaken, your referring to sportsnet preview show on TV.

What im referring to is on the radio fan960. As long as i have been listening to the station they have always provided very good CFL coverage, and it has gotten better every year. Having mike richards for so long probably helped, as he is a major supporter of CFL. they are constantly interviewing tsn guys and such. although this year they are primarly sticking to arash madani, stephen brunt, and the beat writers. although they seem to slip in the radio call guys often.

I understand your fruatration with Rogers though. I am hoping they will eventually at least give equal coverage to nfl and CFL on there tv channels.

Yeah I was talking about the TV one, my bad I shoulda clairfied that and does anybody know the date of the CFL on TSN preview show?

the first one, the training camp preview show was on the fifth of june. thats the one on TSN everyone was displeased with.

On june 27th TSN is showing the 2010 top 10 plays, duane fordes top canadians, and CFL huddle for haiti.
7:-00pm, 7:30, 8:00

june 28th starting at 7- CFL's top 50 current players, alouettes road to the grey cup, and then at 8 is the 2011 season preview show.

all times are eastern

Awesome I'll be sure to tune in!

Something about 2011 CFL season on a Polish website:

On the right side you can vote for Canada in the 2011 American Football World Cup :wink: