A One hour CFL preview on TSN at 7PM tonight, and don't forget CFL Snap from 6:30 to 7PM tonight on Sportsnet. Total of one and a half hours of CFL tonight!!.


Thanks for the info, didn't know about this. 8)

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I Hope it is in HD..

Sorry it's actually a One Hour show, so we are going to have one and a half hours of CFL preview tonight.

We don't get this show in the states do we? :frowning:

Two of the four TSN panelists picked Calgary to represent the West at the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto. Our young Ticat team will have a stern test against the Stampeders in game one on Saturday night.

Of course it wasn't.

Yep Disapointing
it was not in HD.

I had it in HD, from Oshawa

It was a great show, good stuff! I liked when they showed a background shot of Ivor Wynne and the I in Ivor was missing with just the imprint left where the I was. Too funny, I guess it all goes along with the no hot water in the dressing room. Ah yes, our classy stadium we have here in The Hammer. :lol:

PS. The above is not to be misconstrued to mean that I do not like attending games at IWS, quite the contrary, just making an observation. :wink:

It wasn’t in HD in Rogers Ottawa!!

It wasn't in HD on Rogers Ottawa!!

Schultz's observation of Maas's arm is concerning.

Agree with that Ockham, who knows what the real story is. Jason is a fighter though and he might be able to fight through any pain and be very productive. All athletes, especially in contact sports, deal with pain regularly so it might not really be a big issue now that he's had it scoped and cleaned up.

Productive? Like last year? I think this is a sign that his injuries are permanent, if they weren't they'd be resting him for the first few weeks.

Timmy time may come early.

The only thing that was in hd was the sports ticker. lol

From my understanding, he didn't have rotator cuff injuries or ligament or tendon damage, just some loose cartilage. I think anyways. Loose cartilage can cause pain, believe me, I've had my knees done 3 times. But athletes in many sports come back after scoping and cleanup surgery like this and can perform better than ever. So let's see first.

I'm willing to give him a chance, his arm did look a bit better in the preseason from what I saw, but there are still fans who are saying he also threw a lot of wounded ducks in the game also.