CFL President Equals Racism!!!!!

I am sorry to say this but it's a fact from the four last games I have seen in toronto and montreal .... you must question it.... there has to be ... and the CFL president hasn't made a comment whether the refers are paid off or not...And why is there no African American Refers - the NFL has both... why is the CFL behind??


Concern Fan Of CFL

Supply and demand. There are how many black citizens in the states and how many in Canada. Give the racism card a rest, there is nothing to it. Find something real to talk about and quit tying to make something out of nothing.

I didn't know the CFL had a president position anymore

And what exactly are these facts from the last 4 games?????

I guess the NHL is racist too, no black referee's or linesmen there either.....give it a rest already.

And no native refs in the CFL or NHL. By logic therefore, they must be racist according to some people out there (who have an IQ of about 10)

Well there is someone sitting up paying the refs off ... in order for montreal too... the remark that refs said to Pinball... is un call for at the montreal game.... refs said "you best pic the flag up - you won't get this challenge" a ref saying is getting paid off - and half those calls in this and the last four games... the games are done on money base... and money base - and that is completely unfair... you must asked yourself this how african american coach has there been in the last 50yrs in CFL... not to many ... why - hence because there is something there whether there is racism - or paid - but I will not let this go... and I will not stand by and let this happened.


Concern Fan.

And why is that... why are there no african american coach in the NHL too... the fans must speak out... and now is the time for change... wish me luck in changing in the CFL...

It will be interesting if in pre-game TV stuff before the GC if this topic is discussed. Me thinks no way will the networks touch this.

If you care write to Tom Wright - and address your issue with them... that u?

ok we have a woman here, who has no clue about things and is trying to create a problem that doesn't really exist and doesn't NEED to exist, so

CFLGIRL? go play with you dollhouse.

what are you paid off too??? montreal get you in to it...

I have written this letter G. Black... I am taking this issue quite seriously whether the rest of the CFL fans want to or not well it up too...

Attn: George Black
Director - Officiating
50 Wellington Street, East
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5E 1C8

November 14,2006

Dear George Black, (Director, Officiating)

   Greetings from Toronto, Ontario.  I am writing on behalf of several concerned fans in regards to the calls that were made over the last few games.  Whether it was the Montreal Oct. 28th game, the Winnipeg Semi-Final, or the Montreal East Final, all games seem officiated for one side to won and one only, and that is not the side of the Argonauts. It seems to me that it was intentionally done that Toronto was not supposed to make it into the Grey Cup, and everything was controversially called against them to place the East final in Montreal. I can point out all sorts of wrong calls but the last incident that outraged me beyond belief, was when the refs said to Coach ‘Pinball’ Clemons to pick up the flag because he won’t win the call. Seriously, a ref should not be even saying something like to the coach unless he is on the other team. Where does that CFL stand in reviewing this unbalanced situation and statements made to Coach Clemons?  Will the CFL change and begin to hire African American refs for a proper representation of players and coaches?  Will refs be questioned for their calls and comments just as plays are challenged and players are fined for their comments?  Should the referees not be completely unbiased and open to all comments made from all sides and present a fair officiating process that does not have a one sided balance of calls?  There is one common thread in the CFL in the last month and that is unfair calls and treatment of the Toronto Argonauts.  I appreciate your feedback and hope that the CFL is truly pure in its officiating and I believe an investigation needs to happen since these types of comments cannot be made to a Coach of a team.


Kim Kirchhof
Toronto Argonaut Season Ticket Holder

hey, isnt that argos_bills last name?..or was that jirkhof?

You actually heard the ref say that to Pin ball. Maybe we should call you "Super Girl" with super hearing.

What a load of crock. Racism in the CFL. Hmmm, doesn't every team have Afro-American Players. What about Danny Barret in Regina? Do the refs pick on him? How about the defensive coach in Winnipeg (Rick Harris?) Do the refs pick on him too?

Let me give you some advice. The grapes here in Kelowna are finished growing for the season. They are now sour. Stop eating the sour grapes!

there is racism in the cfl, how come the cfl doesn't hanve any minorities working in the head office? The nba, nhl and mlb all have minorities working in the front office, even the nhl had a few minorities in the past working at their head office in toronto. The CFL needs minorities working in the head office, they need minorities working for the players association, and minority referees.

So, you hang out in the front office of every team in the league to check if they have "enough" minorties represented? :roll:

When someone walks in with the proper qualifications, they'll get hired, it's that simple.

Actually, in some cases to meet "minority quotas", you might have a better chance if your skin is slightly dark or whatever.