CFL predictions for a slow Sunday.

You know the usual bunch will be telling us how great a game it was and how thrilling it was/
And they;ll be disecting it for the next two weeks.

Just don't get the hype for this all American event in this country?
Even people who wouldn't know a football from a hockey puck watch this game now
Too bad we don't treat our own sports with such reverence eh?

Being a former British colony, the EPL is huge over here, but they do have a form of volleyball that is played with your feet only.... I am attending Chinese New Years celebrations, as well as a Indian festival where they go into a trance and pierce each other...
If you have always wanted to travel, but are scared to go to wild places such as India, or China... Then Malaysia is great, It is more or less a developed country (slightly 3rd world still,maybe comparable to Puerto Rico) It is extremely safe, It is very
hot(35 today) and is teeming with three individual cultures. Every religion you can think of other then Christians...haha
If you don't like Malaysia, then you can always hop on a day bus up to Ko Samui Thailand ,and then you are basicly in Europe or North America... The place is devoid of local Thai culture save for the local Thai prostitutes.

Why not just like football.....Really Aericans dont laugh at Grey Cup Sunday because most dont know it even exist

I admit that I watched the SB. While the NFL is slower, this wasn't a bad game,close at the end to create excitement. After I thought about the 2 championship games-SB vs GC-and one glaring difference kept coming back to me. In yesterdays SB the refs let the players play,they did call penalties when warranted,but they weren't part of the outcome like I've seen in so many GCs including the latest one. Maybe our refs need to tone it down a bit. Other than that ,our brand of football is still more exciting.

The pace and tempo of our game is faster and quicker with the rule differences, no question, but that was an excellent game yesterday and agree the refs did let the guys play. Field position in this game was important like a CFL game I found. Some bad dropped balls by the NE receivers. Manning is a better qb and leader than I thought he would be at this point in his career.

Welker would be a super player up here, fits the Canadian game to a tee.

Thats what I’m sayin’

You people don’t care about events in foreign countries.
Why should our media be pumping yours?

As an aside, its obvious most of the sports media in Toronto/national lives for the Super Bowl.
There are countless articles just gushing over the game.
Its like they try to outdo each other to prove who knows more about the NFL.

The players are treated like gods in their articles.
They use war terminology to discuss the stategy.
Every play is monumental.
The NFL is the be all and end all to these people.

Steve Simmons for example has had several indepth articles on the "big" game yesterday.
Writing about the game like it was some kind of earth changing event.

His only Grey Cup article?
It was entitled "who cares about the Grey Cup"?

Don't ya just love our media?

Yall get mad at the Super Bowl when was the last time a non iport quarterback won a Grey Cup?To be honest americans really dont care what country our athletes fro as long as we win.We will give a Canadian kid a chance at quarterback before the CFL will.Yall laws hurt yall own in yall own league.I know this post will get deleted but its the truth.Jesse Palmer was a good quaterback and my Cleveland Browns needed wideouts and alot of us wanted Andy Fantuz a shot and he is canadian SO stop this ethnic tension!!!I like CFL or any football

Allow me to rate the most recent football championship games out of 10.

2012 SuperBowl - 8 out of 10
2011 Grey Cup - 9 out of 10
2011 Vanier Cup - 10 out of 10
2012 BCS - 1 out of 10.

So a all canadian team could win the Super Bowl?A all canadian team couldnt win the grey cup

Just like an all-American team could not win an Olympic Gold Medal in hockey? Hint: 1960 and 1980...

The United States produces the best football players in the world. They can call their championship anything they like and they won't be wrong.

...a "world" that stretches from New York all the way to San Diego... :lol: :lol: to give NBC some credit, they did call the Giants "Superbowl Champions" at the end of the game.

I don't care if the Americans call their football champions "champions of the galaxy".

Just don't be trying to tell us how the whole world is watching.
Because 98% of the world could care less.

Benji, I agree with you, but blaming the NFL for our media's bias isn't fair. Don't watch the NFL and don't read the hype about it. That's pretty much what I do.

I don't care if the Americans hype their game.
After all its their game.

Actually i'm jealous.
Because I wish the media up here would hype our games as much as they do theirs

Right on Benji, but we still have the better game. Some just refuse to see or acknowledge it.

Benji, isn't that the bottom line.
We will never see this happening, at least not here in the Toronto market.

I love you too

I think it's about time for us the good guys to join hands with the others on the dark side and all to drink the non NFL koolaid and sing kumbayah.