CFL predictions for a slow Sunday.

It's the dead of winter, almost mid February on a Sunday the 5th, an afternooon with nothing worth watching on TV, so lets discuss well anything CFL.
The upcoming season I can hardly wait as the East may for once be the beast!
With my Argos yes playing for the GC at home against the Lions.
Any predicitons out there?
What about the future, what does it hold for the league?
A mega TV contract, expansion finally with Ottawa and I even read a story the other day how there are rumblings of a possible team in Saskatoon. Will the league resign Cohon?
Give me your 2 cents worth.

I predict that a CFL fan will start a thread in which he or she pretends to be completely unaware that one of the biggest events in the North American sporting calendar is happening today.

Give me another clue.

I love all football, you know me, but why does the SB come across on TV so bland compared with the GC?

Super Bowl Shmooper Bowl.,
Our media acts like its a great Canadian event.
Even wishing people Happy Super Bowl Day?
Like what?

I'm not watching the Super Bowl because I have no interest.
Just like 98% of the rest of the world

Agreed benji, since when did this crap become a World Class watching?
Since Toronto is/has been trying to dictate to the rest as the TV capital in the country that's when.
As for not watching this, well everyone will tell you we are not normal?
Not so quick, I enclose the latest survey brought to you by the Globe, from the Bell network and somewhat dubiously known as Cananda's newspaper. Never a favourite of the CFL.
It's still not too late to vote as the good guys are winning with 55% not watching some nearly 2000 voters.
Go ahead and vote.

I can assure you that a far greater percentage of the world in interested in the SB than the Grey cup. You talk stupid

Bring it on MADONNA; ...........Vogue :rockin: SHOW IT TO ME

Trust me.
The world cares about neither.

I guess we're like the rest of the world and wonder why we should all go gaga over this all American star spangled red white and blue event.

Like if you like it thats fine.
But people in this country go overboard with their love for it.
Like they're trying to prove something.

And 98% of the people in the world could care less about this game is fact.
World has roughly 5 billion people
I read that 100 million watch the Super Bowl.
5,000,000,000 x .02= 100 million.

Whats to argue about?

Regardless id 10.times the people in the world “care”, to use this word very loosely about the SB compared with the GC, SB is still bland in our it comes across to me compared with the GC.

you're one to talk :roll:

Surely you mean to say couldn't care less, don't you ?

Leave it up to the Americans and in our case the wannabes here in Canada to turn this into a circus.
If you want to watch it, that's great power to you but then do not shove it down our throat and tell us complete lies about this so called sporting event.

I'm here in Penang Malaysia, and was learning the art of pulling Indian Tea... After finishing I checked my FB and noticed people talking about the SB... Quite frankly it is Monday morning here, so I completely forgot.

Bombs Away.
Whats the big sport in Malaysia?
And even better question, what are you doing there?

I can't wait to stop hearing about this "World Champions" nonsense. How can people refer to a domestic competition as a world championship? Totally stupid.

Secondly, I better not hear the saps in our national media gush over at how this game was a "classic" or a "great game". They are the first ones to denigrate the Grey Cup and call it a dud, so I want to see if they will keep it consistent and call the game for what it was.

Lastly, I've been money with my predictions these playoffs. Glad to see New York win and glad to see Eli shut up his critics in the media. All the people who laughed at him for believing he was a top 5 quarterback can suck it.

Most people who watch the superbowl are americans. Fact. Even people watching oversees are expats. Aside from North Americans, most people dont care about football.

I didn't watch.
Did you?
If you did, who won, and will you recover from the honour of being able to witness such a monumental event!?

Exactly, a low scoring game like apparently this snore was if it was the GC, we would never hear the end on Monday.
The likes of Steven Brunt and Steve Simmons would simply call, it boring.