CFL Prediction Pool contest

Hey guys and gals, thanks for listening and support our Canadian football Radio show. I just wanted to invite you all to our Free CFL Prediction pool contest page where you can win some prizes, have some fun each week and gain bragging rights. Also, we will mention the Top 5 of the air each week. Thanks and have fun. you can get to the pool by going to and click on Prediction Pool on the left side.

Jason Sperling
A show for the fans, by the fans
Keeping the 'C' in CFL


Aw come on, Jack. We all got to do a little self-promotion now and then. How else do you get your name out there? Besides, it's a pretty good site.

I don't mind self-promotion but this user rarely contributes to the discussion here. He/she just shows up to pimp his/her site.

My point exactly

If someone wants to come here and chat football with us, and at the same time get in a plug for his/her site, fine and dandy. But if all one does is to show up to score some free advertising, sorry that makes one a shill.

Interesting. . . he posted the same thing exactly on the Tiger Cats' boards, and it got deleted rather quickly. . . Hamilton mods are on top of their game. . . our mod? . . oh that's right, we don't have one anymore. . .

Hey guys, sorry if I erked anyone, that wasn't my intention. Although I do not post here as much as i would like to i just thought some fans would like the heads up on another way to follow and have fun with the CFL. I am not making any money off this, its just a way i think that canadian football can be showcased and talked about. So I do apologize if this post has offended or erked you.

Jason Sperling

Making money isn't the issue. The issue is: what are you giving to this forum? You would benefit from the traffic you'd get on your site from the membership here, but you aren't giving anything in return. I have nothing against you personally (I don't even know you), but I'm a moderator for another message board (hockey-related), and over there we take a dim view of people who only show up to plug an external web site, whether or not it's making money.

The easiest way to rectify the problem is to become a contributing member here. Let's talk football in this forum. :slight_smile:

Guys give him a break, he use to have a CFL magazine, he has tried to make a run to cover CFL better, not allways successfull, so let him do his thing, you guys complain about the lack of coverage, and when someone offers some and promotes it here you jump on him, give him a break.

Right, kill me for trying to encourage discussion on this forum. What was I thinking? :roll:

I have nothing against the guy. Like I said, all he has to do is start contributing here and I'll be happy to help increase his coverage.

  1. I am not preventing him from doing his thing;

  2. I do not recall complaining about lack of coverage;

  3. I have no problem with someone in here who chats football to get in a plug for their website, as I have said.

  4. But I do object if someone comes in here SOLELY to plug their website. That's simply being a shill. Like the Reebok folks last season.

Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire, "shill"?