CFL Pre-Season - WPG @ MTL Play-by-play thread

Vernon Adams gets picked off from a tipped ball on his first CFL drive, Bomber ball yet again.

The Als get a pick on their goal line off a ball tipped by Quincey McDuffie.

TD WPG. 29-13 WPG, with a "Too Many Men" penalty on MTL during the convert... lol

Bennett bootlegs it in for another TD -- 29-13 Bombers. Als are back to their penalty-fest ways....

Indeed! Jim Popp had better change the lack of discipline his team showed last year, So far tonight, not so much!

I know that this is garbage time in the first preseason game, but I think it has to be stated that having LaPo as OC is a big upgrade over Bellefeuille for the Bombers. With more weapons, you have to figure that Peg will definitely be competitive. I just hope he doesn't go all Swaggerville drooling come July. LOL

36-13 Winnipeg, under three minutes left.

Really wasn't expecting to see a game day thread for a preseason game that didn't involve the Ticats!
Peggers are looking better - but of course it's early. Maybe their backups should replace their starters though - :lol: they've played better than the 1st team!! :roll: McDuffie has looked pretty good - nice to see him getting a chance to play. Als don't look like they're going to be much, if any, better - but again it's preseason.
Just how many of his 7 QBs has Popp managed to play since Glenn played more than a quarter of the game? :roll:

Nice win by the Peggers - even if it is only preseason. Totally knocked out Popp's birds in the second half!

Well, I think Cato played alright. Apart from Glenn and him, no one really showed me much. They have big O-line issues and their secondary play is in question. The Bombers seem to have increased their QB depth finally and their team speed looks improved as well. I think we will see more separation in the East than the West among teams. Montreal has a lot of work to do!

36-13 Wpg final.

I was surprised Bombers gave Castillo so much kicking time considering they spent big money on Medlock.

Doubtful they would go with a "cheaper" kicker with sure fire Money on the team but maybe Bombers are showcasing Castillo as trade bait for teams in need of a kicker :wink:

Did you know that Duran Carter is the son of Hall of Famer Cris Carter?

I bet Castillo is happy, he probably knows he's not going to stick with the Bombers but he got to give a demo to other teams. I am sure that he will be called by someone early in the season. Argos? Ticats?

The Bombers looked good but it doesn't mean a lot, they seemed to come alive after the Als pulled their veterans.
The Als starters looked pretty good for that one quarter, they have a lot of weapons.

Let's pretend I spelled his name wrong on purpose, but it took less than 90 seconds of game time for Rod Black to drop that truth bomb on everybody.

He was on the PR here until the season ended and, not being signed then to a regular contract, he was free to sign anywhere, which he did with WPG in January. Other than the missed catch, that might have been a TD but tuned into a goal-line interception, Quincy looked pretty good against MTL.

The game was on ESPN3, so maybe a few people didn't know that he was the son of Cris Carter. Just wait until you see how excited Rod Black will be when the games is on ESPN2 and Ticats play the Als and the "son of Steve Taker" plays against the "son of Cris Carter"

We left nine of our defensive starters at home and we're breaking in multiple rookies on the offensive line. I think we'll be fine.