CFL Pre-Season - WPG @ MTL Play-by-play thread

It's June, and it's CFL Football. Need I say anything more?


3-0 Als after the first quarter. Nothing like a preseason game and Rod Black adding noise pollution. :wink:

Hi Russ! Long time no see!

Yes, I took a full off-season break. Glad to be here for the game threads!

Glenn to Lewis and the Als cap a drive with a major.

Cato to Chandler Jones for the TD -- the convert is missed, so it's 13-6 Als, second quarter.

Three-minute warning has been issued...still 13-6 Als.

Looks bad for Jeff Keeping...his left guard fell on his leg. Ugh.

Good to see Jeff Keeping on his own 2 feet, but the way that his knee folded in from the side...

Not sure whether he had a brace on...would have helped somewhat.

He might have been wearing one...both knees apparently have a brace. The magnitude of the injury would be worse without it. However, he did get the full weight of his linemate crash into his leg. Bad news for Peg.

WPG TD. Tie game 13-13 at the half.

Peg goes for a TD on the last play of the half. Flanders gets in on a close goal line dive. The play stands after a review -- 13-13 tie after one half.

When did we lose McDuffie to the peg!

Winnipeg goes ahead 16-13, third quarter. Both sides using their backups en masse.

Sergio Castiillo kicks another FG for Peg after a kickoff fumble recovery, 19-13 Peg, third quarter.

As per Sara Orlevsky, the initial indications are that Jeff Keeping's knee injury may not be as serious as it appeared, Again, I think he had a brace on and that could have mitigated the extent of his problem. More tests will be needed.

Another Bomber FG -- 22-13 Peg now.

22-13 Bombers after three quarters. McDuffie is having a solid game at wideout for Peg.