CFL Pre- Season televised games

Any updates on the Ottawa-Toronto PSG that isn't on the schedule yet?

TD Atlantic?

Hey guys,

Just 3 months away! The time will go fast! Looking forward to another exciting CFL football season.

"Is it May yet?"

Only four games....why not all? Surely if Sportsnet can pound us with Jays exhibition games, TSN can carry all or at least more of the CFL's.

Sportsnet is only showing 8 Jays spring training games, even though the games are played during the day. Instead they stick to their usual daytime programming of poker, darts, top 50 highlights etc.

I don't blame TSN for not showing CFL preseason games when they take place in the middle of the NHL and NBA playoffs. There's no shortage of programming that time of year, preseason football definitely takes a back seat.

I know the Ticats have live streamed exhibition games in the past and it was great. Would be nice to see this happen across the league for all games not being broadcast on TSN.

TSN has five channels. Plenty of room for all CFL games, as well as NHL/NBA and whatever else imported American crap they might want to show.

It is pre-season!
We are lucky to have 4 games televised. 8)