CFL Pre-empted on West Coast..

The Sask-Hamilton game was supposed to be on on Comcast Bay Area, but it was pre-emted for the Arena Football League II title game in Puerto Rico, Green Bay vs. Spokane. Ugh. Anyway, some thought that AFL game was of more importance apparently.

If you're a Riders fan, you owe it to yourself to buy the webcast. Your team looked invincible tonight. They administered a beat down, for sure.

That's really sad. AFL 2?? Who the heck cares about that?

The Feteriks do! :lol:

thats pathetic, the league that has less fan support than the CFL gets it’s farm leagues games broadcasted over the CFL

I agree with the other dude:

THe Riders are looking great and whenever the CFL gets pre-empted you should buy the webcast for only about $5 US you get 3 hours of great football.

it was in Puerto Rico though, and AFL2 is intreresting, but CFL is so much better than they didn't deserve that, stupid american bordcasters! They want to see PR become the next US state, but that will never happen.

it was prolly pre-emted because the game was so far outta reach there was no need to cut into AFL time for a game that was decided in the 1st it is understandable, depending on which quarter they pre-emted...4th quarter, then sure.