CFL Practice Rosters

From today`s Vancouver Province:

It may not occur because for some reason the CFL Players Association voted it down last season, but teams are going to approach the union again to expand the practice roster by two players up to nine this season. Teams want to carry more non-imports so as to stock up for the Ottawa expansion draft after the season…

Last season,The Players Association and some CFL teams,including the Als, voted down the addition of players on practice rosters since the League did not increase the max. cap beyond the min. $50,000 as per Collective Agreement. Last season,they were talking about a 5 player addition.

For this season,there is a better chance of it being approved by all parties,since the addition is only 2 players to practice rosters; it still could be turned down,unless the max.cap is increased to take care of these salary costs additions. I will be extremely surprised if it does happen but,nevertheless, I do hope that the max.cap is increased by a minimum $25,000 beyond the min. of $50,000 as per Collective Agreement.


Will only work if the CAP goes up for at least 100k.

The roster size and roster size seem to be working just fine with the CFL taking a very soft line with the players on the IR and 9 game IR not counting towards the cap. I can not see how the CFLPA. Would not be of any advantage for the players for the teams to add an extra cap increase to go to two more players. If teams can afford the increase the CFLPA will want in to go to the current players roster limits.
A big fat no will most likely be the answer. If a team wants to stock their team with extra Non Imports they will need to place them n the 9 game IR.

The key is that the Cap needs to increase in proportion to how much those extra PR players will be earning simple as that. guys in the CFLPA don't want to see the average $$ per player on the active roster going down which would happen by increasing the PR without an equal cap increase.

So Increase the cap by an extra $12-15K per PR spot increase would work. It would be nice to see for this season if could be swung 3-4 extra NI PR spots added and the cap going up to 4.45M and it's not likely that extra 50K on the cap would have a big effect seeing as teams aren't forced to spend to it and the league is reportedly getting an extra ~$2M+ per team next year.(2014)