CFL Power Rankings

Hamilton loses to Saskatchewan and barely wins at home against BC yet are still ranked #3? I know it’s a bit subjective but c’mon.

They have also beat Sask, Calgary and Winnipeg, have the best record at 6-2 along with The Peg, have a back up in as a starter, scored the most points in the CFL have the most Sacks, allowed the 3rd fewest points but yeah 3 of your 5 wins came against BC and Toronto and Ottawa. Sask should be ahead of Hamilton………………SMH

Its precisely because they have a backup in that they should be ranked lower. They struggled against the worst team in the league, and team the Riders blew out in back to back games, and lost to the Riders. They beat Sask in week 1 after taking a cheap shot on their starting QB.

Hamilton is tied with Winnipeg for the best record in the CFL at 6-2. Hamilton has the best score differential in the league. They are 1-0 against Winnipeg and also 1-0 against Calgary. They beat Saskatchewan in their first meeting and barely lost their last game against them. I really think there’s a good argument for Hamilton to be ranked #1.

Get over yourself, Sask barely beat said team with a backup in his first start this season. Good teams win when they play badly.


They are on a slippery slope downwards. The only thing saving them from complete collapse is a weak division

The Riders have been playing with a backup for most the season and still 5-3.

Sask started terrible, but are coming on strong. They will move up the rankings once Riders start beating teams above .500 consistently; which Hamilton has done.

Weak Division is irrelevent, Cats record is 6-2; they have the tie breaker with every team they played.

Their backup should have been the starter right from the beginning. Collaros is done and I think most Riders fans knew that even before the season started.

Weak division? What are you talking about? Hamilton is 4-1 against the West. No other team in the league can say that.

LOL . Well it’s a good thing then that you have been playing with yer so called back-up for most of the season. Because if you were still playing with yer guy that started the year for you ? you would probably be looking at an 0 - 8 record at this point . :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes weak division. And they barely beat BC. A team the Riders blew out x2 and then beat the toothless ticats

Hamilton has the goods and are deserving to win the east.

Your argument shows how little you really understand the game of football. Comparing how two different teams played against another is literally meaningless.

A much improved BC team, with a better O-line.

And which team beat the Argos by the biggest margin? (See, I can pick an isolated stat too.) And speaking of the Argos, perhaps the west wouldn’t look so strong if it hadn’t played them so many times?

Yup , ya beat those toothless Tigers BUT what ya failed to mention is that them Tigers who are supposedly toothless were actually winning the game before your mighty Riders stole it in the final seconds . Hey , kudos to ya and full marks for yer victory . No sour grapes , you beat us fair and square regardless of if we had any teeth or not .

Personally I wouldn’t be crowing though about being on a 4 game winning streak if it included 2 games against the lowly Lions . Another game that you barely won in the final seconds against a beat up toothless team playing their first game without their first string QB . And topping it all off a game that was gifted to you because of a combination of mother nature and a bizarre new rule that seemingly nobody even knew about .

But hey , I’m a reasonable man and in all honesty I could care less about these so called Power Rankings or where they place my Cats in them . Doesn’t matter a bit to me ,I just don’t care . So if it will keep ya from getting yer panties more bunched up then they already are about this ? I tell ya what then by all means if it was up to me ? I would rank those Riders as numero uno just for you . Yep , number #1 with a bullet for what it’s worth and believe me I don’t think that these so called Rankings are honestly worth that much if anything at all when it comes right on down to it .

Anyway it was nice talking to ya G&R and good luck to you and yer Riders the rest of the way this season . Hey ya never know , maybe my toothless Tigers and yer riding high Riders will play one more game this season;DWe’ve beaten you , you’ve beaten us , so hows about a rubber match at the Grey Cup to decide things about just who is the better team regardless of what them Power Rankings say ? ;D 8)


I’m always amazed at how heated are the discussions about power rankings.
Is there some trophy for winning the power rankings competition?
What a waste of time and energy.

It’s not heated at all. The ticats have some great fans on this site and it’s always fun to have a little back and forth with them.

Power rankings are meant to snap shot how a team is doing right now. Since the Ticats lost their starting QB they lost to the #5 Riders and struggled against the #8 Lions