CFL Power Rankings

Just to note that the rankings are now TWO weeks behind. Hmmmm...... they stopped posting just after we whupped the Ar%O$ the first time.........

They have to come up with a new formula. Maybe they should confer with tsn. They can't even do it alphabetically 'case then the Als end up on top.

Here's my UNofficial Power Rankings(15 games played)

1...CALGARY (12-3)
2...HAMILTON (8-7)
5...B.C. (9-6)
6...MONTREAL (6-9)
7...WINNIPEG (3-12)

Guaranteed and TSN Power Rankings will "NOT" look like this.

I would place Toronto ahead of Saskatchewan, Sask's record is better, but a lot of their wins were ugly ones and their record could and maybe should be 8-7 or 7-8 not 10-5.

I can see us moving up as high as third, overtaking Toronto and maybe also BC. But I don't see us passing Saskatchewan, a team that was a few spots ahead of us and who also won this weekend.

How can u put a 10-5 team behind a 8-7 team? lol

Easily, its how your looking at the moment not what you have done all season. This is pretty close to how I would have it but I might even switch Sask and TO id probably also have the peg at the bottom.

Very Easy…First 5 games played…Sask-5-0…last 10 games played…Sask-5-5…Cats first 5…1-4…last 10…7-3
As I stated in my thread…After 1-4 start the last 10 games…the Cats are 2nd over-all at 7-3 to the Stamps 8-2 record over the last 10 games played.I agree maybe I could’ve placed Tor 3rd over Sask…but I’ve been saying all year and I stand by it…the NOTS are vastly over-rated and regardless of records the Cats are the 2nd best team in the league and BEST in the East as they just proved by defeating the NOTS back to back.Everybody seems to forget that the NOTS were only 9-9 last year,were clearly not the best team and fluked their way to a Cup win.

Saskatchewan is not as good as their record, they are 10-5, BUT 4 of those wins are ugly and it wasn’t their great play, but the opposition’s poor play that lead to their win. Their record should be 7-8 or 8-7.

TSN pretty much feels exactly the same as Mark. They have Hamilton at #2.

You’re right. TSN is pretty close though - other than their reversal of position of the 2 bottom feeders.

BTW isn’t it a great feeling to not being a bottom feeder this year? Props to the entire team from bob on down to the waterboy. Everyone has been terrific. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

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Our national broadcaster has spoken!


Ahem...... :lol: :D :) :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: hmmmmm,according to we are the most consistent team.......9 straight weeks in 5th place,Stamps at 12-3 only 4 weeks ranked 1rst,



Tis a little odd though,like Mark said,2 losses by GODS team and all of a sudden…poof!!!no power rankings,conspiracy???hmmmmmmmm I’m going to check out that Grassy Knoll!!! :cowboy:

Just for fun, the bookies at OddsShark give us

Team Name
Calgary: 1 last week 1
Hamilton: 2 last week 3
British Columbia: 3 last week 5
Saskatchewan: 4 last week 4
Toronto: 5 last week 2
Montreal: 6 last week 6
Edmonton: 7 last week 7
Winnipeg: 8 last week 8

Verrrrrry interesting.....