CFL Power Rankings?

Okay in this week of the CFL Power Rankings the Cats are once again in fifth spot in the CFL, which is fine as said below but if they were to win against BC Friday night I wonder how they would be rated, probably still at number five according to the CFL
Rankings even though Hamilton would have the longest winning streak running currently?

Hamilton (Number Five)

Before you get too excited about the Tiger-Cats recent three-game winning streak that vaulted them back to .500 and into second in the East Division, remember that those three wins came against Edmonton and Winnipeg. In fact the Tiger-Cats have yet to beat a team not named the Eskimos or Blue Bombers this season. To be fair, they have looked like a more cohesive unit on both sides of the ball lately, but the real test comes now as they face a home-and-home against the Lions and then the Stampeders in the next three weeks.

It obviously depends on how other teams do this week.

If Hamilton beats BC at home, and has an equivalent 5-4 record, I think you will see Hamilton move ahead of BC in the power rankings.

And if Toronto gets smoked by Montreal in addition to a Hamilton win, there could be some major changes...

I find power rankings interesting to read. I won't put to much stock in them though. I feel they are subjective, if I did them for instance the Cats would always be number 1. :lol:

This power ranking makes me laugh!!! All we've heard from the so called experts are is yes,we have 4 wins,but there all against Wnp and Edm so in essence they don't really mean much.I posted on the main forum power rankings thread about this.My question is why is everybody fawning over the Riders as the best team in the league? 5 of their 7 wins have come against us twice(when we had more guys on I.L. than on the game day roster),twice against Edm,and one versus the Al's.They've split with the Stamps and beat the Argos.They'll most likely get up to nine wins as they play the B.B.'s back to back.So I mean really what have they accomplished as a team?? To make matters worse 2 of their wins were squeakers against Edm. and Mtl by a f.g. each game.Yet with all that being said the so called experts don't see anything wrong with any of the Riders wins this season,all they see is 7 victories,irregardless of who they have played.Looking at our season so far,is it so far fetched to say we could possibly looking at a 6 and 2 season?? I mean really except for a sure game winning t.d. pass dropped and a game played in a monsoon.Power rankings are for dummies as far as I'm concerned......especially in a league with only 8 teams.

It's all matter of opinion. Toronto Sun has us third, which is ridiculous.

I agree in an eight team league it's pretty ridiculous having said that now that they do have one I think the Cats in fairness ar sitting about number 4 in the CFL, I think 3rd as the Sun said is too high but hey certainly in an 8 team league and Hamilton currently has the only 3 game winning streak in hand, 4th is the appropriate spot for the team. Yes, the wins have been against Edmonton and Winnipeg but hey that's the schedule, the fact remains it's three wins in a row!