CFL Power Rankings - Week 6

Ticats move up to #7, ??? if it was based on week 6 performance I would have moved them higher.

TSN has us Dead Last
Follow by Toronto and Edmonton

No, Second last. We are ranked 7th..

I really don't get how we are rated below Toronto. It can't be because they have 1 more win because Edmonton has 3 wins and they are ranked below us.

Must be because Toronto beat us this season.

In my heart I think we should be ranked higher, but we still only have 1 win vs 5 losses. If we win 2 of the next 3 or better, we should at least surpass the Argos and Eskies.

If we stay healthy, continue to improve, and don't beat ourselves, the wins will start coming a lot more regularly, and we will start to climb up in the rankings.

For now let's take it one game, and one win at a time.


A couple more wins in the next month, and i say that our ranking should be at 5. Our game is starting to come together.

but its WEEK 6 power shouldnt they be based on how teams currently are playing?

and currently the argos have lost 3 in a row...i'd say they should be in 8th whith edmonton in 7th and us in 6th...because we just came off a great game against a great team

how bout this:

hamilton vs edmonton for 6th place in next weeks power rankings ( assuming the argos lose to the riders )?

yea i doubt that the argos are gunna beat saskatchewan this week :lol:

this is the REAL power Ranking:

#1 BC ( won 5 of last 6 )
#2 Sask ( won 2 straight )
#3 Winnipeg ( won 2 of last 3 )
#4 Montreal ( won 2 straight )
#5 Calgary ( won 2 of last 3 )
#6 Edmonton ( L 2 straight )
#7 Hamilton ( W 1 )
#8 Toronto ( L 3 straight )

note* hamilton vs edmonton for 6th spot

  • calgary vs montreal for 4th spot.