CFL Power Ranking's Predictive Power

27/28 of the predictions shown correct... Wish I used this in the RONA Pool.

did they predit it b4 or after?

prolly after.

i highly doubt it predicted sask to only score 2 points against hamilton ( they only scored 3 ), then the very next sask game, predict the riders to score 37 against montreal ( scored 27 ).....sounds fishy to me.

You're probably right. I must have misunderstood. They probably took the statistics from the games after the matter to generate a predictive score and match it up with the actual score to show how accurate their ranking metrics tie to the result of a given game. This wasn't to show they could predict the result of a game. If it were that easy... there would be no gambling industry.

Yup, I'm pretty sure it's this.

I would be interested to know how the formula takes into account firing of an HC and OC.

Yes indeed probably like some of the "who will win?" polls on this forum. :lol:

This reminds me of all those jerks a few years ago who would brag about nailing so many picks in any given online pool (i.e. worst of all the NCAA tourney) when later it was uncovered that they filled out hundreds of such sheets and so go figure, by the vastly increased probabilities, they were right on one sheet though they had many posted in disparate places all over the internet. :lol: Too many folks including national media morons fell for these matters too as did many who actually thought gambling online playing poker would be a fair game. :roll:

I hate this power ranking BS for any sport including the worst such system of all as is used in NCAA football -- the BCS BS.

Just let 'em play damnit!

And ONE SHEET/ONE SLATE only or all claims are bogus as far as I am concerned. That's what kicks butt about Big Dave's VGCC too.