CFL Power rankings, Odds etc!

Interesting site:

switch cal and ed, wpg and bc

...holy crapoli I'll take calgary's odds any day on that give-money-away site...I'll admit they are currently somewhat shaky but fifth in the league?....and fans in winnipeg should have the pitchforks and flaming torches out for the monster that thought this up...

If you click on each team there is pretty detailed data.

I heard years ago that there is money to be made in Vegas on CFL football.. Apparently, the odds makers know jack squat aboot the CFL and the money is so small that bookies arent called out when they lose.

Years ago perhaps. Of late I've gone with the odds a lot of the time and came in first twice in Big Daves football pool. Mind you some of the games I took chances along the way, but that's common nature.

Generally, oddsmakers are among the most well informed and no worser than fans in predictions. Of course, no one is 100% perfect. In Dave's contest, the top pickers can be expected to fall below 70% in the long run.

Need anymore proof the CFL's Power Ranking are a joke? The Argos move up a slot in a bye week. If they can find a way to not play this week they'll be #1. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Having rankings with 9 teams is a joke any how . Not like we can't figure it out for ourselves and the weekly rankings mean nothing.

Power rankings have always been useless to me. In the end, they mean nothing. But hey, at least it keeps some people employed.