CFL Power Rankings after Week 6

What a tough week for Power Rankings. I had a really tough time deciding on what to do with Montreal?

Let me know your thoughts

I think your bang on Wray. Calgary deserves to be ahead and Edmonton below.

I have less confidence in the Lions than I do the Argos.

3-5 is a toss up between the 3 teams both have there.

Ott and Sask are also interchangeable.

I’ll admit the Argos looked good against Calgary, with the exception of turnovers and untimely mistakes, but how can you ignore the fact that BC beat Toronto?

Remarkably, the Leos have only allowed 1 quarterback to pass for over 300 yards this year (McLeod Bethel-Thompson with 303, 81 of which came on the last 2 drives when BC was playing prevent).

They have only allowed 2 running backs to gain over 100 yards, that was Harris and Gable in Weeks 1 and 2 respectively. Since then they’ve been quite stout. Calgary as a team only gained 30 yards along the ground against them.

The problem in BC is no pass rush and an ineffective offensive line. They are quite deserving of their 1-5 record because of it.

I think the Nissan one NAILED IT!

Yup, Johnny agrees.