CFL Power Rankings after Week 1

Interesting rankings. He doesn't give Edmonton much credit for their win on the Road. But Edmonton seems to do quite well based on the "mathematical" rankings

It's going to be an interesting season in the CFL as we move along I say. I'll give a go and rank em.........
I prefer the Mathematical rankings however.........sigh :expressionless:

B.C. Lions

Note that the formula they're using this year is not the same as the one they used last year. The data set they used in creating this year's formula is based on 7 seasons instead of only one, and it takes into account 9 stats instead of only 4, potentially making it more reliable.

One thing that's included in this year's that was the most complained about absence from last year's is turnovers. Turnovers on downs are included. Turnovers from interceptions are part of the QB rating. Turnovers from fumble recoveries are not included, but fumbles are, so if the number of recoveries is roughly proportional to the number of fumbles, then turnovers from fumble recoveries are implicitly included. Is there another kind of turnover that I'm missing (aside from lemon)?

I'm not sure why Cauz would put Edmonton below Saskatchewan despite the fact that the former beat the latter. His comments even suggest that he thinks more of Edmonton than Saskatchewan. Then again, the formula puts Edmonton at the top, ahead of Montreal. That seems a bit too generous to me. I couldn't watch any of the other games besides the Win@Ham game, so I can't give a credible opinion (there might be other things blocking a credible opinion too, such as the lack of a rudimentary understanding of the game), other than the fact that (it pains me to say this) Winnipeg does deserve to be above Hamilton.

Turkeybend always did a slightly more accurate and far more entertaining Power Ranking. His system worked well.

He appears to be missing, but I attempted a pathetic substitute here...

Hopefully Turkey reappears soon with the real deal

As with the Player of the Week Awards, I don't think Cauz bothered to watch Sundays game.


Wow. I didn't even bother reading his explanations. All bias aside, how the hell is Edmonton 7th when they had the most convincing win of Week 1? Cauz = Idiot.

This should be the Power Ranking Order:

  1. Edmonton
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Hamilton
  7. B.C.
  8. Saskatchewan

Cauz isn't the only idiot doing power rankings. The one by Busby in the Sun is even worse:

  1. Als
  2. Argos
  3. Stamps
  4. Lions
  5. Esks
  6. Riders
  7. Bombers
  8. Ticats

The mathematical formula is looking better now isn't it. BTW, if you look at the CFL site, I think they did tweak the forumla a little in the weighting area as I don`t remember it being like that last season.

Last year, they used a weighting of 25% last game, 75% previous games (if that's the weighting you're talking about).

  1. Als
  2. Argos
  3. Stamps
  4. Lions
  5. Esks
  6. Riders
  7. Bombers
  8. Ticats

this one works for me. Power rankings are not just to recap how a team did last week. It is supposed to be about how you would expect them to perform today compared to every other team. It is rational to expect the als, argos and stamps to beat the esks if they played them this week. Lions vs Esks would be close. Riders, Bombers, and Ticats gave us no reason not to expect them to remain at the bottom.

The rational to expect one team to beat others - based on what? Last year's records? With the way Burris went AWOL for a quarter, 3 rookies on the o-line and Maver's injury, I have a hard time believing the Stamps could have beat either the Bombers or the Ticats who both played very good defensively. The Argos won because of their defence with the offence doing just enough to win - you could say the same thing about the Bombers. Busby's power rankings are stupid.

How can a power-ranking this early in the season have ANY credibility.... :lol: Not enough stats. to show any teams direction for 2011....I wonder who bests out for coach of the year in the early going :lol: ..I think we have to play a few more games people and obtain a few more hard facts to become believeable ..I guess it makes good copy though :lol: :roll:

The guy has to start somewhere...

Edmonton won on the road where Montreal won at home and by a bigger margin so I can see his point... Takes around 4 weeks to have meaningful stats and this year it could take even more with Toronto playing 3 road games to open the season.

If you only go by how the teams looked in week 1 I'd have em:

  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto
  5. BC
  6. Calgary
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Hamilton

It's so early in the year things are bound to look goofy though.


Who would have guessed Edmonton would be the only undefeated western team after week 1!
What ever happened to Turekybend? He was the funniest guy on this site??
B.C. Lions beat Calgary this week and they are the real thing.