CFL Poor International Coverage!!!

Last year every game available. This year only selected games and no ROUGHRIDERS in week one!!!! What gives? Half a dozen guys wanting to see the game and no coverage and what's with Broadband being free in Canada and the rest of us around the world getting charged for an inferior product? It's not like the local networks here in New Zealand are beating down the door.

Oh, man, you can't watch the Roughriders in NZ? What a backward country!

I agree. The CFL is losing a valuable opportunity to grow its fan base. I can't justify paying $10. for broadband coverage, nor $4 for a game that has already been played. With stations like Versus, spike TV, Ion, and FSN desperate for sports shows it is pretty lame that at least U.S. Cable TV coverage can't be worked out.

ION: lost cause.
FSN: wants nothing to do with the CFL.
Spike TV: cares more for action shows/movies to fill their programming.
VS: what's keeping Comcast from carrying CFL on VS? I don't know...

It is extremely frustrating not being able to see all the games. Just because we are overseas does not make us second class fans! Being an Als fan I was very disappointed with being banned from watching a game made freeing available to fans in Canada. I guess TSN and the CFL just dont care about us.

However, judging by what I read about the game I did not miss anything :frowning:

What about TSN broadband?

You cannot get the TSN broadband of the games if you do not have a Canadian IP address. You are allowed to see highlights but not the games themselves.

That sucks royally. You can still buy the games on CFL broadband can't you?

There isn't the demand Over-sea's to get it on a station there.

However if you have a Dish that can get CBC, TSN or one of the many US stations like Altitude, Comcast, NESN, VOOM.

Dish Network or Direct TV work.

10$ a game, bit much.

There should be Broadband Deals so all games can be accessed, 40$ a month or 140$ for a full year.(That's June to June)

the CFL is looking to make money off Broadband like how the NHL, NFL, MLB and likely NBA do.

I do feel for people over-sea's but I'm not sure how they expect the CFL to get it on TV in europe when it seems the NFL isn't even getting real good coverage in Europe(It said in the FP today that the only NFL game in Germany that is Free to air is the Super-bowl, meaning all others are PPV).

Evidently I would be able to do so...But $10 is a bit steep of a price to watch something on a computer screen IMHO.

I really don't think $10 a game is all that bad. A season pass would be nice though.

CFL Season Ticket! lol

I wonder how many people do pay to watch the games online. I would think it would be more effective to try to build the CFL brand by offering current games online for free (or nearly free. They then would have a defined market to show stations to whom they try to sell the video broadcast rights.

I’m not sure I can hold out until I immigrate to Canada.

Carrying the CFL (or any programming) is soley the choice of the network involved i.e. Versus. The first question, should be whether anyone has even approached Versus about carrying the CFL! They had a successful year showing N.L.L. games so I don't see why they would have a problem with the CFL if the deal was right.

If they have been asked and said "no" then that's their choice, but Comcast doesn't have anything to do with it.

Comcast owns Versus.

You answered your own question!
Why bother if no-one wants it?

Apparently Greendownunder wants it so he's somebody.

I sympathize that you can't get games friend. What I suggest is that you find someone who can and get them a Slingbox so you can watch the game they are watching.

Im not saying he isn’t. It just that they wont supply a product if there is not a big enough demand!