The poll at the front of this site asks who you would of choose as the player of the week , Joseph won with 42.39 but " Other " is a close second with 33.61! So who would you guys have made player of the week?

I would of choose Ricky Ray, i’m biased tho. but i thought he should of won it week one.

Damon Allen had a good game, I’m also biased.

I'm not an Edmonton fan, but I'd have still picked Ray. Anyone who tosses for over 450 yards should get some serious consideration.

i cant think of his name but the rookie that was returning kicks for the riders.


ya thats his name

He looks like one hell of a returner huh.

Think he's gonna be the real deal.

Ottawa pulled off the big OT win, so Joseph gets my vote.

There’s a surprise… :roll:

Ray got some consideration. I was happy for Joseph and think he was a deserving winner.

Joseph will be the winner again if he plays like that vs BC this friday!

FLECTHER , got the defensive one.......ARGOS!

Without Joesph gades lose. Without Ray Edmonton still wins. Thats like saying Peyton Manning deserves player of the week, every week.

We have seen EDMONTON with out RAY yet…[regular season].

Maybe Montreal has a bad defence this year?

Paul McCallum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!