CFL Poll: Favourite CFL Forum Off-Season Discussions & Gripes

What Is Your Favourite CFL Forum Off-Season Recurring Discussion or Gripe?
  • The Expansion Thread
  • The Rouge
  • The Argos: What Is & What Should Be?
  • USA Expansion 2.0
  • Who or What Is To Blame for the Global Pandemic and Its Consequences for the CFL?
  • Are You Social Media Certified for a Pandemic? If so how? If not, why not!?
  • TSN - Behind the Screens
  • Changing the Ratio
  • More Like Hockey, Should Occasional Fighting Between Downs Be Allowed and What Should Be The Rules?
  • I Hate My Cat
  • How Dry I Am, Nobody Knows...
  • Darn Do I Need A Good Shave or Trim
  • Proper Personal Hygiene in the Winter
  • Bashing Cable TV for Justice Too

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how about other, as in a thread griping about characters required for a post or a topic title, a limit of number of consecutive posts in a topic, like limits, and a real good one, posters who are not mods taking it upon themselves to decide what does and does not belong on cfl forum. Killjoys with a huge stick up their butts I call them


Ah well those gripes are in the Hey Sully and other threads in the Site Support section already. That's administrative stuff that usually is an easy fix but no fun as are some of these recurring, often entertaining, threads over the years and especially recently during the pandemic.

Recently, for example, we learned of even folks angry the most at their pet, their facial hair, Rod Black, and the local town drunk. It's heavy and tough out there we get it.

But you do sound very angry, and recently it's okay, but this too shall pass I assure you too.

nahh, no anger at all. Just putting it out there for the heck of it :slight_smile:

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Lockdown has just been lifted, and I cannot get a haircut. I had to wear my Als baseball hat while bartending. Thankfully, the fine people here in Ottawa still tipped generously. Best league. Best fans.

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And it's what you do so well, FYB. That's why we love you. :grinning:

awwww schuckssss :blush: :blush: :slight_smile:

The poll remains open. 5 people like talk of US Expansion that much? /smdh

There was a Blame Game poll that had its day and looked fun until apparently Ozzy showed up in the two weeks that I was away. People still want to blame somebody for all this mess.

Alternatively, I could have set up the poll to ask "Who or what angers you the most now?" and have gotten about the same responses.

It's okay, for this is our longest off-season ever.

Discuss or gripe now, or forever hold your peace (or at least for another off-season or in the event of the very worst). The poll will close soon enough.

I am constantly somewhat annoyed a little when people refer to themselves as their pets mom and dad, or their own children as their pets siblings. Then there is calling every animal on the farm siblings.

I also wish my favorite entertainers and athletes would stop getting older. grrrr


We need it back!!
I'm at the point where I don't even read the threads that talk about off season signings or which team looks great on paper. It's all meaningless right now and the likelihood of playing this year is slim.
Some players that were signed before the 2020 season never played for their team and already gone and signed by another team. Other good players have announced their retirement.
If the league doesn't play this year and returns in 2022, you wonder how many fans will have lost interest.
I'll be dong the same as last fall, watching more NFL than I ever have before

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US expansion should be a dead issue IMO.... for 1, we tried it and it was not successful, secondly, US teams do not have to oblige to the Canadian ratio, thet would lead to US teams dominating

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Yet somehow that topic remains now the favourite off-season discussion or gripe on this forum, and I am baffled too.

Vote away everybody, if you have not already, to make it not so!

In related news, though the 2021 CFL Blame Game poll thread is locked, the poll remains open.

Avoiding the obvious topic that derailed that thread once some folks jumped aboard Ozzy's train again, you may cast your vote there still yet gripe here all the same.

In these times, it's okay and it's also healthy, so by all means go ahead if you please if not already or stop back again for seconds or thirds.

it bugs me when they include cartoons or cartoon characters in lists of best or worst shows or characers. grrrrrr

Perhaps, but the US teams have to be salary cap compliant meaning if Canadian teams have a 5 million dollar cap, that US would have to pay 4 million in US Funds to their players(these figures are for the sake of an example). US expansion should be limited to two franchises to limit circumvention of league rules

Lots of gripes out there these days though we can see some light at the end of this tunnel. In Florida it's been sunny and open skies for weeks I hear. That's even though they have a very old average age and many retirees. In Texas, well the lights are not even all on but they still see light and it's open now too.

Anyway, cast your vote and one last round for a bit of final gripes in this one but there are other griping threads I see.

It appears to me a few more folks have gotten Social Media Certified for the Pandemic too, but they should chill because the end is in the far distance yet within sight even though things are not going to be the same and never are after such major events for humanity.

I've opened this poll back up because this is likely to be a slow week for news
(unless there is some terrible event and the like such as the prior week in the US with two of them) and because some commenters were griping about the ratio again in the last few days but probably did not vote in this poll yet.

It's April Fools and it was a long March again, so I know you have gripes. Welcome here for your griping too.