CFL poll: Fastest player in the CFL

TiCats Banks currently holds a large lead over RB's Chevy Walker..

Brandon Banks - 59%
Chevy Walker - 25%
Maurice Price - 14%
Terrell Sinkfield - 1%

*surprised that Chris Williams was not nominated. (perhaps due to being out of the league for an extended period)

Don't know about a straight 40 yrs dash, but Chip Cox has made some amazing plays chasing done RBs/WRs from the far side of the play.


how about a poll for fast 0-lineman ever.

Forget the useless polls, Chris Williams by far the fastest.

Hold on, let me get my wall calendar out to time them......

Tough call as I never see these guys on a stopwatch. All I can go by is how fast they look on TV.

I always thought that Stephon Logan looked fast.

Taj Smith is a guy that you definitely do not want to get behind coverage or he won't be caught.

Let's throw Cad Owens name in there as well.

I think Chris Williams (now that he is back) is a good choice. Maybe I have to go with him.

As for o-lineman, dunno, but fastest D-lineman I would say Foley for sure.

I am thinking of Nick Benjamin as possibly at least one of the fastest oline.

Jamie Taras, having once been a slotback, might have been fast for an oline.

Over at R-nation they are saying Chris Williams in practice has been lightning fast, he’s impressed a lot of people.

A quote from an Ottawa observor

Chris Williams is just F fucking ing fast. It looks like he's jogging out there and then he blows by a guy. He's also a magnet. I hope we get him the ball early and often.

Not a surprise to any Ticat fan. Fastest player in the league at the time, pretty amazing leaping ability, could catch anything thrown near him, hard to knock down, and quick moves. It would be interesting to see him and Banks in a race - straight line or around pilons.

The only questionable part of Williams' game is his tendency to not secure the football. More than a couple of times, when he was slowed down by defenders in front of him, he's have the ball knocked out of his hands from behind.

The OOBs definitely have some scary speed. Heck...Price is pretty fast to. Could be a real nightmare to cover these guys this season. The teams that still have the bigger LBs on the edges could be in trouble at times.

Actually it's Terrell Sinkfield who is by far the fastest If you use the 40 yd dash as a benchmark Sinkfield posted an unofficial blistering 4.19 time in an NFL tryout camp a few seasons ago. Williams best time in the 40 is a very respectable 4.39 but still not as fast as Sinkfield. The 4.19 time defeated the NFL combine record of Chris Johnson who clocked in at 4.24 . The funny thing is that Sinkfield has only garnered 1% of the vote in the poll largely due to the fact that he is not as well known or as established yet as the other players listed in the poll. Sinkfield's teammate Brandon Banks has a personal best of 4.37 in the 40 which is a scant .02 faster than Williams. So based strictly on the 40 yd dash it appears that Williams is at best the 3rd fastest player in the CFL. :cowboy:

Here is a link,the first video doesn't work,but the 2nd video shows Sinkfield at the tryout running his 40 yd dash.

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Williams is likely rated even lower than that considering Chevy Walker ran a 4.24 in the 40 yard dash during a 2012 workout with the Cats..

"Regardless of Walker’s modesty, many expect him to take most of the snaps for the Ticats, due in part to his versatility as a rusher and a pass catcher, and his aforementioned speed. The ex-track star ran a 4.24 second 40 yard dash during a workout last season,(2012) and his ability to make defenders miss in the open field makes him one of the most electrifying players in the CFL."

Chris Williams and Chevon Walker had a race at Tigercat training camp as rookies, with Williams winning by a nose. During free agent workouts Walker was timed at 4.26 in the 40, while Williams clocked a blazing 4.24. Not sure about Banks but I believe he was timed in the 4.3 range during workouts.

I understand why the 40, but they should also time the fastest players at 100

And/or maybe at 110. :wink:

Make that 195 yards. :o

(I'll let you do the math.)

Who knows, Williams may have gotten faster since going to the NFL. It wouldn't surprise me if he has worked on his running backwards, he probably can outrun a lot of defenders running backwards.

The guy who ran 4.1

The guy who ran 4.1. You know, what's his name