cfl point spreads

so far posted at the vegas hilton

montreal -9 vs winnipeg (57)

bc lions -4 vs saskatchewan (52)

toronto -3.5 vs hamilton (49.5)

calgary -3 vs edmonton (53.5)

over/unders in parentheses

this info is for entertainment purposes only

Interesting. I would have thought the spread would have been closer in the BC / Sask game and the Calg / Edmonton game.

when is pro-line gonna start taking bets on the games?

[url=][/url] doesnt have any football betting yet, and the games start in 2 days

If memory serves me right, OLGC usually releases the Pro-Line sheets for the week around Thursday or Friday, but with the FIFA World Cup ongoing, they're flooding all of the betting lines on it.

I realize this may sound uneducated, but because I don't gamble, I don't quite get the meaning of those numbers. Could someone give me the cole's notes version?

OK, Riderfanatic. Here's the basic version. In the line:

Montréal - 9 vs Winnipeg (57)

This means that the Als are favoured by 9 points. Which means that if you were to bet on the Als, they would have to win by at least 10 points. Should the Als win by 9 or less, then all bets for Winnipeg will win.

The number in brackets is known as the Over/Under. In this example, the bet is whether the combined score of both teams will be more than 57 points (Over) or less than 57 combined points (Under).

Las Vegas? I wouldn't trust those odds from a city that couldn't even have a CFL team for more than one season before folding/relocating.

well…games start tomorrow and pro-line STILL doesnt take bets on CFL games…

they better have it by tomorrow…but i doubt it…DAMN world cup!

......I agree, because what could Las Vegas possibly know about gambling?.....

I would take:
Montreal +9pts
Saskatchewan -4 pts
Hamilton -3.5 pts
Calgary +3 pts

Montreal-Winnipeg (57) U
BC-Saskatchewan (52) U
Toronto-Hamilton (49.5) O
Calgary-Edmonton (53.5) U

BC will win but it will be by less than 4,IMO

lol R&W...

Riderfanatic, just to add to Mongo's explanations, some gambling lines use different approach, but really just mean the same. Like Montreal -9 is synonymous with Winnipeg +9. The number is what you need to substract/add to the team score to see if it win the bets.

So, say Montreal really beats Winnipeg 3 to 0, then the official gambling score would have Winnipeg win 0 to -6 !

oh, they know about gambling, but do they know about the CFL? my aweser to that? NO!!!

.....your opinion is ridiculous.....setting odds on foreign sporting events in Vegas is not a new thing and the bookies who do so rely on their expert knowledge of the sport to maintain their very jobs.....

do you know what city we are talking about here? we are talking about a city that could even manage a CFL team for more than one season, had cheerleaders like the XFL ones, sung Oh Canada! to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree, etc.

so, under those circumstances, you would think I would take the Vegas odds with a bit of skepticism? yeah!

So, as far as the CFL is concerned, the Las Vegas bookmakers are a bit like an Aussie transplanted in the USA... Right?

You know, after further deliberation, has anyone else noticed that the formentioned "transplanted Aussie" is starting to eerily morph into the Forum's own version of Walby?

I mean, both are Bomber "homers" and have the incessant need to nater on endlessly and at times incoherently? Coincidence? I think not.

i typed in CFL lines in to see if they had changed (calgary now by 3.5) but when the lists of sites came up at the top it said "did you mean NFL lines" and this was on the Canadain version i find that stupid.

you could say that, especially about my 2005 regular season record, playoff and preseason was good though.

So far in 2006, I broke even at 4 and 4 this preseason.



montreal -9 vs winnipeg (57)
bc -3 vs saskatchewan (52)
toronto -3.5 vs hamilton (49.5)
calgary -4 vs edmonton (53.5)