CFL PODCASTS????????????

Greatings from England guys, Please tell me are there any official or unoficial CFL podcast's available anywhere?? If not, there bloody should be!!! I upload NFL and AFL podcast's but the only CFL related cast I could find is a grey cup review cast on itunes , and that seemed to be a group of Roughrider fans going crazy at the win. It wasn't impartial at all! I apologise if this has been asked in the past on other threads but the CFL should realise there are fans all over the globe and the league should have this facility for fans in this day and age!!

Any help appreciated!!


If you click on the MULTIMEDIA button on the toolbar above, you'll see a drop-down to some audio and video links. Also, under FANZONE (same toolbar), there's a link to the CFL on YouTube. See if any of that is what you're looking for.

On iTunes, you can download "Football Fridays" with Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz. It's a weekly show during the season, but is more sporadic in the off-season. There's a pretty large archive of shows available, though.

Thanks for your help fellas! I was hoping there would be a OFFICIAL CFL podcast set up by now but such is life eh!!!! I'll bob back onto itunes and look for the Hogan/Schultz casts.

Cheers, Mark.

The Youtube is officially supported by the league. Keep an eye out on the TSN site as the season opens, you will find stuff there.