CFL Podcast?

I'm messing around on itunes and looking through their podcast lists and it dawns on me that there isn't one for the CFL (at least to my knowledge)

Wouldn't it be great for the CFL or somebody independent to produce a weekly podcast which wraps up the week that was, looks ahead to next week and maybe provides an interview with a CFL player or coach?

Essentially, a podcast is advertising. It can get the word out and provide enjoyment for loyal fans. Lets go CFL!!

GREAT idea! I would watch that for sure.

A TSN podcast or one directly from the CFL would rock.

TSN does produce a podcast for its sports news. During football season Schultzie, Dunigan, Climie, and others talk CFL a good bit (especially during the playoffs). There's also Mike Hogan's Football Fridays available on iTunes once the season starts. That's a podcast version of his weekly talkshow with Schultz from the Fan 590.

If you search "CFL" on iTunes, you'll also find a couple of Roughrider shows.

All that said, I think it would be a great idea for the league to put out its own weekly podcast.