CFL Podcast - Start the Grassroots Effort Here :)

So, the only discussion thread I can see about this topic is a few months old, so I will start a new one and see what people think. I am a long time lurker.

How many people would like to see a CFL podcast? Perhaps on a weekly basis for player interviews from the media partners around the league, or a week in review podcast that covers the highlights from radio broadcasts and some post game interviews? Heck, can you make a video highlights package off of the Youtube videos and stick it in a format an Ipod can show off?

Not that I can set something like that up, I am a dreamer . . not a doer!

I just think with games being available online, the website being quite advanced for delivering news and with TSN believing that they are the Sports Network of the future, that not having a podcast of any kind represents a lost opportunity for fans new and old.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?



Great idea!

Gimme gimme gimme more football!

The Lions have a pretty good podcast of their games (including pre & post game shows) from the Vancouver radio station that broadcasts their games at:

The Argos USED to have a pretty good podcast (Argocast) on their site, but that has gone by the wayside apparently

for sure. i have an ipod but don't get any podcasts cause none of them really interest me, i'd check out a CFL one though

I dont know what it even is but now I want one.