ok. Enjoyed the first 3 rounds of NHL playoffs, but not the results. Going in, my least favorite team in both east and west at in the cup. I seem to have lost interest for the most part, except for slightly wanting Chicago to win.

Starting to really look forward to CFL. Chomping at the bit. Don't get too excited about pre-season though

As filler, I am also looking forward to the Womens World Cup. Go Canada. I will watch a lot of games and cheer for a number of other teams besides Canada.

Expecting some surprises in the CFL. Calgary might not make top 2. Ottawa may win more than most expect.

Anyone else interested in the Womens World Cup much. IF so, how much.

When there is a conflict, I will still watch pres-season cfl over WWC, unless maybe if Canada is playing.

Lets play some FOOTBALL.

Honestly, I am not terribly excited about the Women's World Cup and will watch a CFL preseason game any day over a WWC game, even one involving Canada.

:thup: Me Too.

I'll check out a few games though the opener is going head to head with game 2 of the cup finals. I still have 5 players in my pool so I think picture in picture is in order.

speaking of the WWC, it looks like the Toronto-centric media is harping on the host city selection. I guess he forgets what's happening here in July.

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As of the CFL season, it can't come soon enough though I'm pretty meh on pre-season....applies with all sports.

CFL and more CFL

First off Toronto could have been a host city for the WWC. BMO field is only being used one weekend the womens world cup is in june.

2nd once they get out of pool play and into knockout rounds especially the semis and Final BMO is not big enough at this point to handle a crowd of that size. So EDM, Montreal(Olympic) each host a semi with the final at BC place.

3rd fat chance that Rogers would have arranged the Jays schedule around it. RC is only hosting the opening and closing cerimonies. Which is just one weekend day at the beginning and the end. Still the Argo's could not get a home game in July. The Jays are on the road the first weekend in July so the weekend is open. Opening cerimonies are on friday July 10th, So the Argo's could have played a Sunday game. Closing ceromonies are in sunday July 26th. So the Argos could have played a Thur night summer game or friday night on the 23 or 24th of July. Instead they did not even offer one of those dates.
Rogers Centre is also open the first two weekends of June as well.

Heck BMO did not even offer the CWNT final send off game, Hamilton and Tim Horton's field hosted that.

Also not sure why this idiot is bad maouthing Commonwealth it looks great and there has been 50K plus for matche double headers that have included CWMT. Neither BMO nor RC has that capacity for soccer.

The main reason BMO was not used (even for the England pre-tourney game that was played at THF) is because the entire World Cup is on artificial turf. It was not an option to have some venues be real grass and others on artificial surfaces.

So naturally the last warmup game both the England and Canadian Women's teams played they would want it to be on the type of surface the tournament was taking place on. Hence THF and not BMO.

I am with you. Thats why they took up the Natural grass in Montcon and put in field turf.
I was just responding to that idiot in the Toronto press who was berating Commonwealth stadium. Insisting that only the City of Toronto should have kicked off the WWC.

There’s a vulgar word for guys like Kelly who get down on their knees and orally pander to their readership.

I dumped the Grope & Flail years ago for its crappy journalism. It appears that little has changed in the mean time.