CFL Please, please ride us of MRX !

Again today the game tracker links to the wrong game when you try to go to the old version. Now its linking to the Bombers Argos game from last week. No forum upgrades in 7 years ! I know its owned by Bob Young but this has to be the worst website in pro sports !


Then just go to one of the other CFL websites - like 13th man

this is the only site that does and should do live play by play and game stats for CFL. They should try doing a professional job of it. Instead, they are pathetic.

are you STILL bitching about this? sheesh!

Well hey, at least now they're managing to get threads in the correct order?

Watch out !

The man who started this thread among many others scoffs at our opinion


not as much as some people are STILL bitching about the refs. :roll:

I would expect that the refs could do a better job of managing this site.

3 kids in first year Computer programming and graphics could do a better job.

I think MRX does a fine job !! Remember Canada is known for its Chronic Complaining !

When your stats get messed up every week (doubled) and your links are broken again and again your forum is seven years old and get's pruned every few months, does not allow binary files or any type of social media connectivity how can you call that a fine job ? Give me examples of the fine job they are doing ? The only reason the league is stuck with this bunch is because of politics (Bob Young owns MRX).


That is all...

I can't believe people are defending this site...

There is at least two organization the Bombers and Riders that run their own forums and theirs have much better participation than this one. I think the Stampeders run their entire site and simply link to the CFL's. That tells you all you need to know.

The Riders run their own forum? I think you may be mistaken as the riderville forum is linked to this one. Riderfans is completely independent.

Is MRX responsible for data entry on the CFL site, or does the CFL have its own people entering the data? Makes a difference as to who gets the blame for a lot of the complaints raise here and on other threads.

It sounds like the OP’s complaint this time was the result of a typo, someone entering the wrong game number. Was it eventually corrected, and if so, how long did it take?

What about the Bombers ?

I was only speaking to the point about the Riders obviously.

forum crashed last night and today the live page still linking to the Winnipeg vs Toronto game, been broken for three weeks...

Powered by MRX ! LMAO... Brutal

I think maybe Bob YOung should get his MRX employees on the field and put the players to work on the website. Couldnt be worse