CFL Playoffs U.S. TV?

Looksl ike the NFL Network will not carry the CFL playoffs. Is ESPN3 on the web? Others?

I can almost guarantee there will be a feed on and

If you don't have the CFL on local TV on the very limited number of stations listed via the link on the home page, like some of us have been watching all season the TSN feed use either of the above.

Go to them both now to download any needed software depending what browser you use. Be ready to use them both in case one transmission fails during the game or whatever.

Sometimes you get the feed via via all the same, as that is usually the one that comes through but not always.

On the former I view the games with no trouble on Safari and on the latter, if the first does not work, on Firefox.

But make sure you download it all now for both or any other browsers before the games start and to tweak anything.

Try watching another sports program now for a test first.

Enjoy also saving the money and watching whatever you want in sports and otherwise by not paying any more cable TV bills too. :slight_smile:

They usually show the Grey cup on the Versus Network.

TORONTO -- The 2010 CFL postseason will be made available to an audience outside of Canada this year, the Canadian Football League announced today. The 2010 CFL Playoffs begin with the Division Semi-Finals Sunday, November 14, followed by the Division Finals on Sunday, November 21 and culminating in the 98th edition of the Grey Cup game.

Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium will play host to the league’s annual championship game, which kicks off at 4:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, November 28th. The Canadian broadcast will be shown exclusively on TSN (and exclusively on RDS in French).

The playoffs and Grey Cup will be broadcast on television to U.S. households by the following stations and in the availability as stated below:


• WVVH Southampton, NY
• KFLA 8.1 Los Angeles, CA
• WZBN Trenton, NJ
• GEUS 34 Greenville, TX
• Altitude Denver (Playoffs), Altitude 2 Denver (Grey Cup)
• Comcast SportsNet Northwest (Playoffs – Nov. 21 only, Grey Cup delayed)
• KWVT Salem, OR
• WREP Martinsville, IN
• KUTA Logan, UT
• WOTH (WBQC5) Cincinnati, OH
• WNEG Toccoa, GA
• Time Warner 13 Buffalo (Alternate – Ch. 87)
• WYLN Hazelton, PA (Playoffs only, Grey Cup not available)
• KJEO 32.2 Fresno, CA
• Time Warner 3 Albany, NY
• LMU-TV/W18AN Harrogate, TN
• WYAT Martinsville, VA
• KDAO Marshalltown, IA
• SWX 6.2 Spokane, WA (Playoffs – Nov. 21 & 28 same day delayed)
• Time Warner Sports 26 Rochester (Alternate – Ch. 98)
• WBCF Florence, AL
• W43BR Baraboo, WI
• KSPK Walsenburg, CO
• WTSN Evansville, IN
• WBEK Augusta, GA
• Image Sports Erie, PA
• KGCS Joplin, MO
• KDMD 33.4 Anchorage, AK
• WKFK Pascagoula, MS
• KHQA 7.2 Hannibal, MO
• KCJY Twin Falls, ID


• Altitude Denver (Grey Cup – Nov. 29)
• Comcast SportsNet Northwest (Grey Cup)
• The Comcast Network - Philadelphia (Select games on delay)
• CSS/Comcast Sports Southeast (Grey Cup only)
• Bright House Sports Network - Tampa Bay (Playoffs – Nov. 21 & Grey Cup delayed)
• The Comcast Network - Mid-Atlantic (Select games on delay)
• Cox Sports New England – Ch. 3 (Grey Cup – Dec. 2)


Fans in the U.S. can also see the game live via exclusive streaming at with the participating providers listed at the following link:

Fans across North America can listen to the game on Sports Express (channel 97) and The Score Satellite Radio (channel 98).


The CFL Playoffs and 98th Grey Cup will also be available outside of Canada, USA and Mexico for pay-per-view streaming at
• Available for Semi-Final Playoff games, Final Playoff games and Grey Cup Game
• Price per game of $8.95 USD for Playoff
• Price per game for Grey Cup $10.95 USD
• Archive price at $3.95 USD per game