CFL playoffs outstanding games on display - great day for CFL

East Final was fun. Heard from friends that went to game that it was a full fun day which the atmosphere was as good as it gets.

Watched the Bombers vs Rider game on TV and spoke to a friend that went to game and heard exactly how it looked on television, incredible atmosphere!


Yes, they were both great games, unexpected in the peg, Good season for return to football. Build back better for next year. Where have I heard that phrase .

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For some reason I am expecting a terrific GC week and Game. I wish I was good to enter Canada but just cant do it. I know Hamilton gets the GC in 2 yrs cause this yr it will be a scaled down version but its gonna be a blast.

I notice TSN doing a good job covering it all day Saturday

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Ohhhh... nothing but positive comments on this thread so far. I may faint. :laughing:

If I wanted better ratings for the Argos/Ti-Cats game I wouldn't of put the game on so early on a Sunday.

But over 800,000 viewers for a 1230 pm kickoff not too shabby.