CFL playoff Schedule conflict

Does everyone forget that TSN forced the CFL to put their playoff games on Saturday back in 08? It flopped btw

So why abandon those viewers who prefer hockey, but watch football as well? Hockey is clearly the most popular sport in Canada -- if you go head to head against HNIC on Saturday night you will be guaranteeing the CFL a smaller audience than it gets on Sunday afternoons. There is no NHL competition on Sunday afternoons in the fall -- the only competition for TV audiences is NFL.

That said, I'd be in favour of scheduling one PO game at 4 and one at 7:30 on Sundays -- more viewers to draw from on Sunday evening than there are in the afternoon when stores are open, etc. I'd also be in favour of experimenting with a semifinal game on Friday night, to capitalize on the popularity of FNF. You couldn't do it for a division final because it would give an unfair advantage to the winner of the Friday night game if it met the winner of a Sunday game in the Grey Cup -- two extra days to prepare and rest/heal is too big of an advantage.

When was the last time the CFL had playoff games on a Saturday??? who complained? must have been in the 70s.
Yes the CFL draws strong TV audiences at playoff times on Sundays, but I would be curious to see how much higher they would be on Saturdays. As for going against Hockey NIGHT in Canada there wouldn't be a conflict since the CFL games would be 1PM and 4 PM. Isn't the hockey normally at 7PM on a Saturday?

to hell with the NFL. we aren't going to make changes just to avoid conflict with the NFL.

seems to ME like w'ere doing just fine today. so we don't need to make any changes.

It was tryed in 2008 the first year that TSN had exclusive rights... It flopped... 20% reduction in ratings..
click onto "previous schedules" then on to 2008... then scroll down to the playoffs
The sad thing is that TSN could get higher ratings for its playoff games, but schedule them out of primetime because they hold the rights to Sunday Night football. TSN won't put Sunday night Football onto TSN2 for two weeks so half the people on the West Coast aren't ev en awake in time to see the Eastern playoffs. Even the Grey Cup sacrifices revenues because of Sunday Night Football. I hope that Rogers grossly overpays again and gets the Sunday Night Football package... Then TSN will bump all of the game times up 3 hours and I can sleep in during the playoffs.

The only issue I have with starting a playoff game at something like 4:00PM (ET) for the East Final and something like 7:30PM (ET) for the west - which would be a 6:30PM start locally if the Bombers were hosting - is that you are going to have slightly colder temperatures for fans and players alike.

It is not a deal breaker with me but late November days can be cold enough already and they tend to be at their warmest between 11AM - 3PM. Then the temperature drops - sometimes quite rapidly once the sun sets at around 4:45PM. Why not play the game at the optimal time of the day temperature wise IMO.

And Bungle TSN and Bell Media locked up everything NFL for the next 12 years except NFL Thursday night games in a deal they announced with great fanfare late last year as a response to the Rogers NHL deal.

So there will be NFL on Bell Media stations (combination of TSN/TSN2/CTV/CTV2) from 11AM with the ESPN pre-game show right through until close to midnight (ET) when the Sunday night football game ends every single Sunday of the NFL season.

Sorry if I got you're panties in a knot. I'm pretty sensitive myself. Since you hurt my feelings, here's my answer. Saturday afternoon at 3. Games are over by 7 or later if GC. Everyone leaves happy with time enough to go to a bar or get home to watch the NHL. This leaves Sunday free for all the kiddies to play..... The CFL should never be afraid to go head to head with any other league.

I understand the reasoning rational (TV ratings etc.) and knee-jerk (we are the CFL to hell with the NFL) all I am saying is that Saturday games are better for the 30+ thousand people who like to travel to watch the games live. Regardless of the other leagues, the TV commercials or any other reason. For the working stiff who actually will travel to opposing cities, taking an extra day off work is a sacrifice. If you want to sit in front of your mega big screen TV and watch the game complete with analysis and commercials, Sunday makes sense.

While the NFL might draw 2.2 million viewers for its 14-16 games per week, the CFL plays 4 games per week drawing on average 760,000 viewers = 3,040,000 average CFL viewers per week.

So 14-16 NFL games draw 2.2 million viewers, while 4 CFL games draw over 3 million.

Incidentally, the CFL is forced to schedule Sunday games during the regular season as the Alouettes are not allowed to play games at Molson stadium on Friday and Saturday during the CIS football season.

The CFL ratings are usually excellent on Sundays, beating out the NFL, NHL (non Leaf games)/curling/soccer/baseball/basketball/golf/tennis or any other sport. Yes, CFL games get higher ratings than most Sunday NHL games (the Canucks drew only 299,000 viewers on Sunday vs the Lions playoff game @ 1,621,000.)

In no way was my earlier response aimed at you. I hope you didn't take it that way. Your points are valid..... No matter what teams are playing, i will always watch a CFL playoff game first and foremost. Even a reg season game beats out the NHL.

No problem, my remarks were not targeted to you either.

Why would you risk moving 4 million viewers on a sunday for 400,000 nfl fans?

That would be stupid and was already tried. Hockey night in canada draws cfl playoff numbers every week during the refular season to try and put 4 million up against another 4 million is stupid.

Plus it shows how much more people care about cfl.

Most of those games are watched by gamblers and they watch multiple games so id say those ratings are closer to 100,000 than 400,000. Mostly fans tune into watch their home team (something nfl fans in canada dont unerstand the concept of) meaning most of those fans are cheering for individual home teams. Rare that a cfl fan watches all four games each week although occasionally i do but most dont have the time for. Espescially most fans that are also fans of their hockey team in hockey markets.

How, exactly? Sunday Night Football goes on TSN2 while the Grey Cup, which starts at 6:30 ET and runs to 10 or so, goes on TSN. How does that cause a revenue sacrifice?

Hey thanks for clearing this up, and your idea makes the most sense to me.

And I guess unlike here in the US the CFL late on Sundays at those times would go head-to-head against 60 Minutes, but otherwise there like here perhaps there is a run on denture products and laxatives at the local pharmacies every Monday morning. :?

TSN puts Sunday night Football on after the Cup... The Cup is on early.

I can see the argument.
Someone suggested that perhaps the east games should be on Saturday. Having a late afternoon start time that would preceed HNIC.
In the west as well keeping playff games on sunday laTE late afternoon to evening start.

As for the Grey Cup the dilemma for saturady will be HNIC. So a choice would be made better a close to primetime sunday start or a late afternoon Saturday start ending before HNIC.
However right now the ratings have been grwoing at a rapid rate. So I can't see any change with the exeption of the late afternoon east playoffs preceeding HNIC

As I said, the Grey Cup starts at about 6:35 ET -- exact same time as the Super Bowl, BTW -- and the broadcast generally runs until 10 or shortly after. Whatever comes on after the game has nothing to do with ratings for the game itself. If it started at 8 ET, say, they'd lose some viewers in the late stages of the game in Eastern and Central Canada.

I'd like the two playoff games spread out over two days. One game Saturday 3:00 pm and the other Sunday 1:30 pm, for example. This way each game is more of an event with their own pre-game and post-game shows. Fans attending each game live would also be able to watch the other day's game, increasing TV ratings,,,and increasing radio ratings and newspaper coverage across Canada.

The only problem with Saturday games is many fans, especially young fans, have to work or have chores on Saturday...while Sunday is more of a traditional Day of Rest...or better yet, a Day of Football. :slight_smile:

I as well like the idea of giving each game its own day.
The 3:00 starting time for and east game will preceed HNIC perfectly but it also gives the Western part of Canada a game time that wouldn't be 10AM in the morning as it is now with a 1:00 start for the east game on sunday. A game with about a 12:00-1:00 starttime in the Western time zones would yield better ratings.
For the West games on Sunday a 3:00 or 4:00 western time zone start time on sunday brings the game to an early prime time start in the East and not a rushed 1:00 start for the western part.
With TSN minus the NHL contract they may indeed look to make the CFL playoffs a two day affair. East semis and Finals on SAT and West Semis and Finals on Sunday.
As for the Grey Cup, A saturday game seems to make much more sense as the next day will be a sunday and not a work day.
I think that the Super Bowl should be the same. However HNIC will always be taken into consideration when planning event of any kind in Canada on a Saturdary, especially now with Rogers now with the contract going against its rival TSN

That might not be a bad idea Xvys because in my opinion one of the two division finals or semi-finals ends up getting short shrifted somewhat. Plus fans who actually buy tickets - real CFL fans - end up missing a good chunk of one of the biggest games of the year. Fans out west going to the Western final miss the dramatic conclusion to the eastern game and there have been a few of those with thrilling finishes over the years.

Likewise fans attending the East final are lucky to be home by halftime of the West play-off game.

And even those watching on TV can miss out on some great stuff. For example last year with the Division finals the TSN panel was situated out in Calgary. Other than a couple of taped segments previewing the East game TV viewers missed any of the emotion and excitement inside the Rogers Centre leading up to the game. TV viewers watched 5 guys sitting in a completely empty stadium nattering away while inside Rogers Centre the scene was BONKERS as the two teams came out on to the field with one half of the stadium trying to out cheer the other half.

Or other times when the east game has gone into overtime - such as Lions - Cats and then Cats - Als in a couple of recent semi-finals, there was barely no time between the time those games ended until the kick-off of the next one - so again emotion and excitement missed - both the immediate post-game stuff from the east, and the pre-game build up for the west game.

Putting one game Saturday and one Sunday may be something worth looking at for Division semis and finals.