CFL playoff Schedule conflict

Just looking over the 2014 CFL schedule and they did it again. Why in the name of god do they keep putting all the CFL playoff games on Sundays going head to head with the NFL. Do they not know that most of Eastern Canadian football fans are also big NFL fans? Why not put the playoff games on Saturdays? I'm sure it's costing them 100s of thousands of football fans. Toronto is by far the largest city in Canada and the 4th largest in all of North America just behind Los Angeles and they can barley average 21,000 a game. I've been in downtown Toronto sports bars at this time of the season and most people are wearing NFL jerseys watching the NFL on the bars TV's. Why not just play the CFL playoffs on Saturdays? The NHL plays it's premier games on Saturdays and it does very well.

I know what dilligaf means, much like the old FTW.

I have long maintained that playoff games including the Grey Cup should be played on Saturday for a number of reasons. As you have pointed out there is not a conflict with NFL, for fans who may travel to an away game it allows for a travel day on both sides of the game and it also allows for a day of recovery for those of us who like to party. Unfortunately it is the bean counters who control things and the fans watching the games live are way down the pecking order.

Might have to do with TSN that wants the content on Sunday during hockey season.

I agree. The CFL used to have their playoff games on Saturdays in the East and Sundays/Saturdays in the West, with the Grey Cup on Saturdays until 1970. The last one held on a Saturday was the 1970 Grey Cup, Montreal vs.Calgary. I used to love it when the Grey Cup was held on Saturdays. I would have it in the evening instead of the afternoon.

The last time the cfl put some of their playoff games on Saturday, there were complaints. If we are talking CFL playoff game vs a regular season NFL game, based on the ratings the last few years, I don't think it has a huge impact. Even CFL regular season games seem to draw strong TV audiences on Sundays. For the CFL, pick your poison, go against Hockey night in Canada on Saturday, or NFL on Sunday. I think the CFL has better luck with ratings against NFL than NHL.

I take the perspective that folks who really want to watch hockey will do so no matter what the CFL or NFL does. That's not necessarily true for football fans like me who don't watch near as much or hardly any hockey.

Saturday NIGHT, as opposed to Saturday daytime, is perfect for most viewing interests for home games in the Eastern Conference plus Winnipeg wherever they end up.

Oh sure that time might not work necessarily for example for the parents with small or young kids, but then again not much else does at many a given other time anyway and that's a normal part of being a parent.

Like it or not, no doubt with all the viewing options that the CFL is cutting of its nose to spite its face if taking on the NFL anytime from 1PM to 6PM (during second half of most later NFL games and half the time little interest) on a Sunday in September or in October.

Go for Saturday night 7PM EDT or later or Sunday night 6PM EDT!

In the US, that damn show 60 Minutes on CBS is on after the second NFL game after 7PM and that's the big reason coverage starts at 8:30PM for the night game.

I don't know if you have in Canada a similar show as 60 Minutes on Sunday nights with a core audience that is age 70 plus like in the US, but if not start some games at 6PM EDT on Sunday nights!

Hey Paulo,yer not going to believe this but we do have a show up here in Canada that's very similiar to "60 minutes" as a matter of fact the name of the show is..........wait for it.........."60 minutes" I know,I know yer saying unbelievable,who woulda thunk it,what a crazy coincidence and to top it off our show is also watched by mostly a core audience of 70 plussers.

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Well you guys are all wrong... People in Ontario do watch the CFL playoffs over regular season NFL. Losers that go to sports bars on a perfect Sunday afternoon ,are problem gamblers and not a general indication of what the general population is watching

[url=] ... 29504.html[/url]

Actually it's the NFL who should re-schedule their Sunday games during the CFL playoffs. Here are the ratings for Sunday afternoon telecasts (English Canadian audience only):

Nov. 19/2013

CFL, West Division final, Sunday, TSN: 1,900,000
CFL, East Division final, Sunday, TSN: 1,700,000
NFL, 1 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 399,000 (Combined ratings of 1:00 pm NFL games incl. U.S. networks)
NFL, 49ers at Saints, Sunday, CityTv: 271,000 (Including U.S. networks)
NFL, 4 p.m. games, Sunday, Sportsnet: 162,000 (Combined ratings of 4:00 pm NFL games)

Nov. 12/2013:

CFL, Lions at Riders, Sunday, TSN: 1,621,000
CFL, Alouettes at Ticats, Sunday, TSN: 1,450,000
NFL, 1 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 490,000 (Combined ratings of 1:00 pm NFL games incl. U.S. networks)
NFL, Broncos at Chargers, Sunday, CityTV: 344,000 (Including U.S. networks)
NHL, Canucks at Ducks, Sunday, Sportsnet Pacific, 299,000

As you can plainly see, the NFL or NHL has no impact on the CFL playoff ratings. Most NFL fans in eastern Canada are also CFL fans, who obviously prefer to watch the CFL playoffs over the NFL. The CFL ratings also kill the NFL head-to-head on Sundays during the regular season too. :thup:

Those are still significant numbers of football fans watching the NFL. Your also comparing CFL playoffs to a regular season NFL game. What I'm saying is their are allot of football fans in Canada why even bother to put the two against each other theirs nothing wrong with playing on Saturdays and leave the Sundays for the NFL. Heres a stat you can use did you know that during regular season games the CFL games averaged 1.54 million, the NFL games 2.2 million Canadian viewers a week.

Good for you Dan. Thanks for the informative reply to the question also.

Do you have a source for this? The reason I ask is because your numbers appear to be way off.

During the 2013 regular season , the CFL averaged 703,000 viewers per game. ( ... -on-Record)

Another thing you might notice in the above article: three of the six most watched regular season games were held on Sunday.

I don't know the NFL number, but I can assure you it's no where near 2.2 million.

You should also give this article a read: ( ... 17606.html)

At an average of 703,000 viewers a game, the CFL stands second only to hockey as this country's most-watched sport.

I love the playoff and Grey Cup games on Sundays. Those who also watch the NFL can hit record and watch later. The TV ratings are excellent. Why change for core NFL fans who likely don't have much affinity for the CFL?

CFL playoffs vs NFL regular season? It's no contest as far as I'm concerned. Since where I live I can't go to a bar and watch CFL I stay home and watch it. There is plenty of time to watch the NFL after the CFL is done for the year.

I think Dilligaf suffers from the same problem as travel pat... He goes to a sports bar and sees all of the addicts gambling and assumes that these people are a general picture of what is common. Pat thinks the NCAA is popular because he sees a kid wearing a Georgetown Hoyas hat that he bought for 50 bucks at Sportcheck and thinks the kid is actually a fan when in reality he is a kid just caving to pure pressure.

I’m not sure I would move the games to Saturday but I can see diiligaf’s point. During the time slot for the Eastern and Western division final you still had about 400,000 football fans not watching the CFL finals but rather NFL games at the same time but I’m not sure many of them would tune in to the CFL even if you switched the CFL to Saturday anyways because some NFL fans have no interest in the CFL for whatever reason.

And during the regular season the CFL already pretty much avoids going head to head with the NFL already with not that many regular season games late in the year scheduled for Sunday afternoons against the NFL anyways. I just checked the TV ratings for the last four weeks of the CFL 2013 regular season and only one game Hamilton in Montreal was scheduled on a Sunday afternoon and 710,000 football fans were watching the NFL on CTV during that time slot (beating the TSN CFL rating FYI that afternoon) - so undoubtedly there was a negative impact on the CFL rating.

In 2014 checking the late season schedule - during the last seven weeks of the regular season the CFL will only go head to head twice with the NFL. A 4PM game on October 19th between the Esks and Riders and a November 2 game Argos at Montreal that interestingly they are starting at 12 Noon in Montreal - perhaps as a way to hook football viewing fans in before the 1:00PM NFL games get rolling.

So I am ambivalent about them moving playoff games to Saturday. And I think it may be a mistake to move the Grey Cup to Saturday evening because Hockey Night In Canada would draw hundreds of thousands viewers away from the game - better to keep it on Sunday IMO.

So some people on here think putting an Eastern Semi Final or Final CFL Playoff game on Saturday against the Leafs and or Canadiens on HNIC will bring more viewship then a NFL regular season match on Sunday!

you are all nuts

ratings show the better choice is Sunday

I guess my main reason for wanting playoffs on Saturday is the fact that I enjoy seeing the games live. I have had seasons tickets since 1973. Living in Calgary, going to a playoff game in Edmonton is workable (my fantasy) but going to a game in Vancouver, Regina or Winnipeg entails taking at least one day off work. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make but would rather not. If the games were on Saturday it would be much easier for those fools like me who are willing to pay to watch live.

Unfortunately the people who occupy the seats in the stadiums are not the CFL's highest priority group and that is a pity.

Since the CFL has not had Saturday games since 1970, it would be interesting to see those ratings. Fact is that in 1970 in many places in Canada there were only 2 stations so putting the game on CBC would mean the network would have to chose and that does not take into account Don Messer's Jubilee. Today we have hundreds of stations, PVR and split screen, we can have our cake and eat it too.

Now who is nuts?