CFL Playoff Hysteria!!!!!

1st: Battle of Alberta West-Semi Final!! What a start!!!
Riderville gets its first West-Final in 33 years!!?? Hysteria in Saskatchewan!!!! (and Canada over!)
Stampeders up for a shot at a HOME Grey-Cup!!!! Crazy in Calgary!!!

With all the excitement, hype, and stories about the West Playoffs this year, everyone has kind of wrote a story book finish for the Riders or Stamps, while big, bad Montreal sits ready in the East. I'm afraid that their story may be unstoppable!! After they get finished flattening the LAST PLACE WESTERN TEAM, B.C., that's wrong! they shouldn't be there, they will have the chance to stomp someone else. Hopefully our West-Final winner has enough momentum to flatten the Al's like Calgary did last year!! If A.C. has a retirement party, i'll be there baby!! Down with the Al's!!!!!!!!!!!! West is the Best!!!

I only bothered to read the end of your post:

I couldn't agree more... Down with the Al's! West is the Best! Lions bringing the GC back to BC!! :rockin:

Not for me, if the Als beat the Leos, I’ll be cheering for the Als…I can’t stomach any other western team except for the Stamps.

thats because when wally left the stamps, he brought half the stamps with him(i know not half, so no stoopid replies, im exagerating for effect) hence known as stamps 2