CFL Playoff Games Box Scores (Not Grey Cup)

Does anyone where I can get the box scores and stats for all CFL PLayoff Games, no need to include the Grey Cup because I believe those are readily available. On pro football reference,com in the USA, all this info is readily available for NFL playoff games going back to 1933. Why is it so hard to find?


Official Box Scores for 2021 playoffs.


I appreciate what you shared with me, but what I am really looking for is a website or a book that has "printed" or really printed, box scores with statistical info on all playoff games going back as many years / decades as possible. This info must exist somewhere but for whatever reason the CFL site (the logical place to have it) doesn't have anything but scores and sometimes they don't even have that.

This info is readily available on stat sites for the NFL (pro football and I don't understand why the CFL has chosen to ignore this piece of its history. I'd like to see what certain players have done in their playoff games and if you go back very far from the most recent seasons, well.... I can't find it anywhere. Yet, lol.

I am hoping that future producers of the CFL Media Guide might choose to add this info either to the Guide or to the website if the same crew does both.

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Hopefully this helps.

Thank you very much mahalcflers..... I will check it out.

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I have been searching since the mid-1980's for individual and team stats from CFL playoff games (non-Grey Cup). To date, there is no book or website that provides a comprehensive, year-by-year account with that type of information. Searching old newspapers is still about the only way to get playoff stats.

The CFL Facts, Figures and Records book (1985-present) has traditionally provided Grey Cup stats from the previous year but it does not include stats from the Finals & Semi-Final games. I know if only two books that provide individual and team stats for Grey Cup games:

Thiele, Stephen (1997). Heroes of the Game: A History of the Grey Cup. Norval. Ont.: Moulin Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1-896867-04-9

Maher, Tod and Bob Gill (2013). The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia. Self-published in annual editions. ISBN 978-0-9835136-6-7 (2013 edition)

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Thank you very much for the info (replying from my E-Mail acct.) Its bittersweet to know someone else has wanted this info as long (longer!) than I have been looking for it. CFL has all this data and it would be VERY EASY for them to add box scores with basic player statistical info from the game also, to the website. If this shows up in the Forum I hope someone from CFL HQ sees it, and decides to act on it. Why should the regular season be important and the Grey Cup be important and have the playoff games be.... in limbo land. ?

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Also check out the scores under the list of CFL seasons.

The dates may not be accurate but it might be close.

They are divided up into different eras.