I'll use this seasons' standings as an example how it should have been done. X= teams qualifies into playoffs.

XLions: 12-6-0
XEskimos: 11-7-0
XStampeders: 11-7-0
Roughriders: 9-9-0
Blue Bombers: 5-13-0

XArgonauts: 11-7-0
XAlouettes: 10-8-0
Renegades: 7-11-0
Tiger-Cats: 5-13-0

Only 3 teams within a division should be able to make it to the playoffs. But in this year's case 3 make it in the West and only 2 in the East. The reason why is because in order to qualify within your division, you must have a .500 record of higher. I think that the only time a cross over should tke place is when one division has only one team with a winning record.

The west is simple. 3rd place and 2nd place duke it out to play the team in 1st. In the east since the gades are under .500 , this would change the playoff situation. The Als and the Argos would play each other twice, the winner would be decided by total points combined from the two games. So if the end result of GAme 1 is Als 40 and Argos 20 and the end result of Game 2 is Argos 32 and Als 11, combined the Argos would win the two game series 52- 51 against the Als. I believe it was done like this in the 80s.

Now if it was just the Argos who had a winning season in the east, then as a last resort, i'd suggest the riders would qualify in crossing over and having a two game total point game series.

Terrible idea.

Yeah, but I'll bet Kanga will love it.....

No way jm02, that idea is bad, worst ever in fact

BC is the only team their with a rest, they or the other west team would beat a tried East team easy in the GC

the playoffs the way it is now is prefect, don't mess with it. Just add a team to the East and continue with the CO. that is the way.

as for a game described above (Al's Vs. Argos) I think that would be great for the AFL/VFL cuz they isn't any OT in Aussie rules but they redo the game like the next day. I think that the AFL should do that in the finals and combine the scores of the two games as above. As for the CFL, nah, your guys have OT and a playoff system that is perfect and works, don't mess it up.

Mate, all I'm saying is you gotta keep it simple, and the CO is simple, winning records makes the playoffs too complicated.

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Thanks guys!

And I thought the whole explanation behind the word "destrucity" was comical. This is even worse.

Welllllllllllll .... the CFL did do something to this effect back in the 80's.

(I'm talking about the original post, btw :wink:)

yes, 1986, but it was 4 west teams and two East teams that went at it and there were no byes whatsoever, which makes this kinda sisnario really bad in my book. But unfortunately for our friend here, his system would allow only BC to get a bye while the others played games, that would give them an unfair advantage. not good.