CFL Playoff day...

And half hour before the game on TSN, we have some old boring guys talking about the new york jets.
Literally these morons arent even talking about football.

How can there not be a pre-game show for a playoff game on a Sunday?

What a joke!

We go through this every season. TSN always shows the NFL Countdown.

they talked about adam sandler for an hour!

what does that have to do with the NFL, never mind the CFL playoffs?

Who cares if they have a pre-game show or not? I watch football to watch football. I don't need an hour or half an hour of people talking about football.

Put it this way, do you get mad if they don't show trailers before a movie at the theatre? You pay to see the movie, not the pre-movie stuff. I pay my cable bill so I can watch games, not pre-game stuff.

Pre-game shows are pretty pointless and I don't understand why anyone would care if there is one or not.

It's nice to hear people's opinions and analysis of the game. It gets you excited for the game. Kind of liked why people post on these boards.

Not true, a couple of years ago TSN had a pre game show I believe starting at 10am before the reporters or whatever they call it.
Also, if memory serves me right I think there may have been a true pre game show at 12:30 also within a few years ago.
Like today, it was only last year that we did not get either.

Sunday NFL Countdown has expanded in the last few years. First, it was an hour and a half, then it went to two hours and this year it went to a completely unnecessary three hours. That might explain why it hasn't been an issue in the past.

MarcWagz is 100% right though. But as also mentioned, we've already established why this happens. It's totally unacceptable in my opinion, but hey what are you going to do?