CFL, players union strike deal

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From initial reports, it sounds like a win-win situation with this deal. Congratulations to both negotiation teams.

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the league owners many want the salary management system to be part of the new CBA - and Edmonton's player Rep, Fleiszer, believes the majority of the players will support a salary cap because it could eventually lead to more teams and more player jobs down the road.

"We would like to see football back in Ottawa, possibly in Halifax and also in Quebec City," he said.

"We understand that if a prospective owner is able to properly estimate their own costs that will help them and be enticing.

This could be the best news in some time...Good find, sigpig :thup:

Funny how stuff like this, that can have so much of an impact on the league, get's lost with all the excitement of the games today!

I notice it said the deal was done last Friday...just posted today...did it take that long to be ratified?

I saw it posted on the CBC website this afternoon. Glad that there's something else to talk about other than a certain blue team signing...

From a fan's point of view the best thing I can see in the new CBA is the increase in roster size by two spots 42 from 40.(20Can/19 imp/3 QB's)
Four player reserve roster (with full pay) is a great thing as well,it gives us more depth and the players are protected from poachers.
Practice roster increased to seven players from five.

This means the fans see better quality teams with some important depth and we can develop and protect young players. :thup: